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How To Choose The Right Air Shower

The air shower is a clean room from the non-clean area into the clean area must go through. The air shower can be a crowd of pollutants carried by the body blown off and purified after discharge, to ensure the cleanliness of the people entering the clean room. The air shower plays the role of the airlock, preventing external pollutants into the clean room, helping maintain the cleanliness of the clean room. So how do you choose a clean room instead of using a manufacturer? What are the basis for choosing a clean room? How can I choose a cost-effective air shower?How To Clean Stainless Steel Air Shower

How To Choose The Right Air Shower

air shower selection needs to consider the material: King Kai purification more than ten years of experience, the purchase of steel spray material air shower customers. The advantages of this material are beautiful and durable, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, and the cost of stainless steel material is lower. The air shower is used indoors, and will not experience wind and sun. The rust resistance of the material requirements are not too high. In ordinary clean room use, the air shower material needs to use plastic sprayed steel plate bed. The performance of the air shower does not affect; However, in some special areas of use, it is necessary to use high corrosion resistance of stainless steel material.Air Shower Cheap Price Food Industry Class 100 Clean Room

The size of the air shower is non-standard and is usually based on the entrance doorway and the number of people required to pass a single time, which needs to be taken into account at the beginning of the procurement process and can hardly be changed at a later stage of construction.

air shower selection needs to consider the blowing mode: air shower rooms can be divided according to the blowing mode: single blowing (top blowing), double blowing (double side blowing), three blowing (top and double side blowing), the purchase is determined according to the requirements of the blowing, the number of people passing and the clean room regulations.Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Classification

air shower selection requires consideration of the air shower operation mode: one-way interlocking operation mode, two-way interlocking operation mode, two-way interlocking one-way operation mode. Suzhou Kell can provide all three of these modes of operation.

To choose an air shower you need to consider the direction of opening the air shower: left open left close, right open right close, left open right close, right open left close.

The choice of air shower needs to consider the brand and manufacturer: Kai Wang purification recommends the choice of a good brand reputation of production-oriented enterprises. The design and production capacity of such enterprises are stronger, but they also have better after-sales service support.

The choice of air shower needs to consider the control method and filter efficiency. The control method of the air shower should be provided at the beginning of the design to facilitate the design reference of the later parts and avoid unnecessary rework. The efficiency of the filter is provided by the purchasing manufacturer, and if there are no special requirements, King Kai usually recommends choosing a high efficiency filter with H13 efficiency.

The above selection basis and precautions for air shower rooms are summarised by King KAI purification after many years of experience and can usually solve most of the purchasing needs. If you have special needs or other questions, please contact King KAI purification sales and technical staff.

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