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Air Shower

Air shower has other names ,such as clean air shower cleanroom air shower interlock air shower,cleaning air shower,buffer room,air shower room.

Air showers act as a sort of buffer or air lock between two areas of varying cleanliness, and preserve the air quality of a dynamic clean environment. Due to their usefulness and simplicity, air showers are a critical component of modern-day cleanroom facilities.

Air showers employ high-speed currents of air to blow microscopic dust and bacteria particles off of clothing and other surfaces. The air used in air showers runs through a filtration system in order to maintain air purity and avoid recirculation of microscopic contaminants.

The application of air shower

Air shower used in microelectronics, optoelectronics, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, aerospace, automotive, printing, laboratory and dust-free workshop ladder cleanliness workshop dust-free workshop, from low cleanliness in the process of the room into the room with high degree of cleanliness, removal of dust particles, so as not to enter the clean room with pollution.

Air shower structure description

The air shower is composed of box body, stainless steel door (steel plate paint door or window color steel door),Primary filter Hepa filter fan, nozzle interlocking controller, operation panel, induction device and other major components.

The bottom plate of the air shower room is made of steel plate bending and welding, with baking paint treatment to strengthen the tendons, and the surface is made of stainless steel.

The box body is made of high quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface of electrostatic spraying or baking paint treatment, beautiful and generous, the inner bottom plate is made of stainless steel plate to resist friction, easy to clean.

The main material of the box and the external size can be customized according to the customers requirements.

Air shower optional accessory

1、All stainless steel box

2、Stainless steel inner liner

3、Ultraviolet sterilization lamp

4、Excluding static device

5、Automatic door

6、Double-speed fan

7、Differential pressure table

8、Stainless steel bottom plate

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