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Pass Box

Pass boxes are enclosed transfer systems with two separate doors, designed to facilitate the smooth transfer of materials between controlled environments while minimizing the risk of contamination. They provide a convenient and safe way for personnel to pass materials without requiring them to enter cleanrooms or sterile areas.

How Pass Boxes Work

Airflow and Filtration System

Pass boxes are equipped with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters and airflow systems to ensure that the air passing through is thoroughly filtered and free of contaminants. This prevents particles from entering the cleanroom during material transfer.

Automatic Door Interlocks

To maintain strict contamination control, pass boxes are equipped with automatic door interlocks. These interlocks ensure that only one door can be opened at a time, preventing cross-contamination between different areas.

Types of Pass Boxes

Mechanical Interlock Pass Boxes

Mechanical interlock pass boxes rely on a physical interlocking mechanism that prevents both doors from being open simultaneously. When one door is open, the other remains locked, ensuring contamination-free transfer.

Air Shower Pass Boxes

Air shower pass boxes incorporate an additional air shower mechanism that blows clean, filtered air onto the materials and personnel before entry. This further reduces the presence of contaminants during the transfer process.

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