50mm metal face Rock wool sandwich panel Metal Faced Clean Room Special

The coated steel sandwich panel has the functions of load bearing, heat insulation, fire protection and water tightness. It has good outer visual effect and no need for second decoration. The product shows large superiority in fast installation, easy disassembly and material reuse. It is especially fit for constructing the temporary facilities in construction site such as office, warehouse and enclosure. The utilization of the product can reduce the cost for the temporary facilities largely. 

We make Handmade Sandwich Panel,there are many advantages as below:

  1. Dust -free,anti-static,anti-bacterial and strong enough to enable people to walk on

  2. Two panels  connected by profiled aluminum alloy to ensure fast and convenient

  3. Industrial glues are applied manually between double skin plates and core material to ensure more adhesive capability than machine-made sandwich panels,extending the service life of the panels.

  4. Modular installation to largely cut down on construction period.

50mm metal face Rock wool sandwich panel Metal Faced Clean Room Special

Structure form

50mm metal surface double glass magnesium rock wool Handmade sandwich panel adopts color coated board or stainless steel plate as the panel, surrounded by galvanized Steel strip and galvanized corner pieces to seal the edge, filled rock wool + double-sided glass magnesium as the inner core layer. After heating. pressure, curing and other processes manufacturing.


Widely used in biopharmaceutical clean room. Electronic industry clean room, new energy clean room , food clean room, medical Pharmaceutical operating rooms, laboratories, etc.!

Physical property parameters

Wall thickness


Standard modulus

980mm.1160mm. 1180mm. 1200mm. Non-standard can be customized

Diagonal error


Maximum length


Panel material

PE poly N, PVDF (fluorine bowl), salt plate, antistatic. Conductive, stainless steel. HDP (High Durability Poly)

Panel thickness

0.426mm.0.45mm. 0.476mm. 0.5mm. 0.6mm. 1.0mm

Filling core material

Rock wool (capacity 100K, ≥120K or more can be customized)

Nylon plated frame

0.7mm, ≥1.0mm or more can be customized

Corner piece

1.0mm galvanized corner pieces

Protective film

0.06mm thick, >0.06mm above can be customized

Bending bearing capacity


Bonding strength


Peeling performance


Heat transfer coefficient


Fire resistance limit


Connection method

Center aluminum connection, male and female socket connection

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