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What Is A Dust Free Clean Room And What Are The Design Characteristics Of A Dust Free Clean Room

A cleanroom, also known as a clean factory, clean room, or dust free clean room is a specially designed space where particles, harmful air, bacteria, and other pollutants in the air within a certain range are eliminated. The temperature, cleanliness, indoor pressure, airflow rate and distribution, noise and vibration, lighting, and static control are all controlled within a certain range, regardless of changes in external air conditions, so that the room can maintain the performance characteristics of the cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and pressure requirements set originally.

What Is A Dust Free Clean Room And What Are The Design Characteristics Of A Dust Free Clean Room

To design a dust free clean room, it is first necessary to understand the purpose and production process of the workshop, as well as the requirements for air cleanliness, temperature, humidity, and so on. Secondly, it is important to fully understand the division of functional areas within the dust free clean room in order to determine the air cleanliness levels required for each production process and the various control parameters needed.

Dust free clean room design differs from that of general industrial plants. Here are some of the main design features of a dust free clean room:

Based on the type and use of products produced in the dust free clean room, the control objects and technical requirements for designing the dust free clean room are determined. For example, for a biological dust free clean room, the control objects are dust particles and microorganisms in the air, whereas for cleanrooms for different products or uses, the requirements for air cleanliness levels, types and concentrations of microorganisms in the air, pressure differentials, etc. are different.

To ensure the necessary air cleanliness in the dust free clean room, all the specialized designs involved in cleanroom design should adopt appropriate and reliable technical measures to reduce or prevent indoor dust generation, microbial growth, and the introduction of particles/microbes or materials that may cause cross-contamination. Effective measures should be taken to expel indoor particles/microbes to reduce or prevent their accumulation in the dust free clean room. When cross-contamination caused by dust particles/microbes or materials poses a risk to product quality or personal safety, safety and reliable technical measures should be taken to prevent cross-infection, such as strict control of static pressure differentials between cleanrooms of different uses, reasonable division of the purification air conditioning supply and return systems, and appropriate design of the fresh air system.

Dust free clean room design is a comprehensive integration of various industrial design technical requirements, especially the close coordination, mutual penetration, and reasonable arrangement of process design, architectural design, air purification design, and special requirements design. Dust free clean room design should follow the production process flow, select purification equipment and devices reasonably, strive to achieve smooth and short human and material flows, choose appropriate air flow patterns, configure purification air conditioning systems reasonably, adopt appropriate technical measures for various special requirements, and achieve a reasonable layout of the dust free clean room and air conditioning, and reliable and economical operation of dust free clean room facilities.

Cleanroom design should ensure safe production and meet environmental protection requirements. The layout and design of cleanrooms and facilities must comply with fire prevention and fire protection requirements, and should be designed in accordance with relevant national standards and regulations. Due to the special layout of cleanrooms and their complex paths, attention should be paid to the selection of systems, equipment, and materials that meet the requirements when designing various technical facilities.

With the development of science and technology, industrial products are updated and replaced quickly, and people have higher requirements for quality of life. The construction of industrial dust-free workshops and biological dust-free workshops is changing day by day. Therefore, dust-free workshop design itself has the characteristics of high technology. In order to improve the technical and economic benefits of the dust-free workshop after it is built, efforts should be made to consider certain flexibility as much as possible during the design of the dust-free workshop, so that the dust-free workshop can be conveniently subjected to technical transformation or cleanliness level transformation with the development of science and technology, and meet the requirements of product replacement or equipment updating. In recent years, modular dust-free workshops, isolation devices, and micro-environment have been widely used in the design and construction of ultra-large-scale integrated circuit production in the microelectronics industry and dust-free workshops in pharmaceutical factories. This is a flexible and comprehensive economic dust-free workshop design that can adapt to technological development.

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