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Uv Light In Pass Box

Pass box is a kind of device used for transferring goods between inside and outside of cleanroom. Pass box is equipped with UV light. In this article, we will learn about the UV light in pass box

Uv Light In Pass Box

1. What is UV light? 

UV light or ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the eyes. Electromagnetic radiation is emitted by the sun in waves at different wavelengths - the distance between peaks of a wave of light. UV light is measured in nanometers.

There are 3 bands of UV light:  

UVA or long-wave UV (315~400 nm)

UVB or medium wave UV (280~315 nm)

UVC or short wave UV (100~280 nm)

The pass box chamber is disinfected with ultraviolet light, which can prevent some pathogens from spreading in the air or through the surface of the object.

Ultraviolet rays can destroy dead cells, therefore, during the disinfection process, care should be taken not to shine directly on human skin.

Do not look directly at UV light because UV light is dangerous to human skin and eyes. However, shortwave violet does not pass through glasses, wearing glasses can avoid harm to the eyes.

In general, it is advisable not to turn on the UV germicidal lamp for a long time when using the pass box. Normally, the pass box manufacturer will turn on the germicidal UV lamp inching switch to protect the operator and reduce harm to humans.

Uv Light In Pass Box

2. Structure of pass box UV light

Pass box UV light is composed of a left-side body, right-side body (interlocking devices are installed on two sides of body), an upper-side body, a lower-side body, an inner wall, a UV germicidal lamp. Double-door interlock passbox structure is used to transfer small items between clean areas; between clean area and unclean area to reduce the number of door openings in the cleanroom and minimize cross-contamination between these areas.

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