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Professional Manufacturer Automatic Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower

Air showers are an integral part of cleanroom access control systems and ensure critical manufacturing conditions in such industries as microelectronics, life science, biomedical, aerospace and others. Automatic Shutter Door Air Showers guarantee that factory equipment is protected from pollutants and contaminating agents.

The Automatic Shutter Door Air Shower version is designed for one person and is equipped with an insulated chamber. An integrated motor fan provides air circulation through a HEPA (ULPA) filter and directs air at high velocity via two rows of nozzles and one nozzle on top at a person in the chamber.

Professional Manufacturer Automatic Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower

Custom manufacturer of air showers. Capabilities include engineering, drawing, designing, technical evaluation, project & on-site construction management, HVAC installation, operator training, consulting & after service & maintenance.

Kwang Automatic Shutter Door Air Shower Features:

• Single-chip micro-processing controller, intelligent voice prompt system;

• The LED display screen can clearly indicate the blowing time and status, and the blowing time is adjustable, ranging from 10-99S;

• Soft key touch type adjustment switch, long service life, easy to clean;

• Infrared photoelectric automatic sensor switch controls the blowing and showering, avoiding unmanned blowing;

• Reduce pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean room.

Technical Parameters:

a. Special Fan b. Pre Filter c. Stainless Steel Vents d. HEPA e. Glass Viewing Window f. Indicator Light g. Door Closer h. Infrared Sensor i. Control Panel j. Electronic Lock

Optional Accessories:

a. Automatic sliding door b. Automatic rolling door c Sole cleaning machine d. Static elimination device e. Access control

Cargo Air Shower

Technical Parameters Of Rapid Rolling Door Cargo Air Shower

Appearance: stainless steel door frame 120×130mm, silver white, conforming to 6063-T6 standard.

Power performance: German SEW or Japanese AEW series brake motor, power 0.75-1.5KW, power supply 220V/380V, brake voltage 220V.

Control system: imported microcomputer frequency control electric box (Mitsubishi cpu).

Control voltage: safety low voltage 24VDC.

Opening speed: open 0.8-1.5m/sec/close 0.6-1.2m/sec (frequency adjustable speed).

Door curtain material: imported high-density polyester fiber surface coating treatment, thickness 0.8mm-1.5mm, various color options.

Tensile strength: 5700/5100N/5cm, tear strength 900/80N.

Fireproof level: German standard MZD/NBL flame-retardant.

Operating temperature: -10℃+70℃/ super cold resistant area -40℃ .

Transparent window: imported PVC transparent crystal soft board, thickness 1.5mm, rectangular or oval.

Wind-resistant material: aluminum alloy wind-resistant ribs, segmented connection, easy to replace.

Wind resistance: 9m/s (50Pa standard 3×3) .

Sealing performance: U-shaped airbag cloth pocket at the bottom of the door curtain can be tightly fitted with uneven ground, and the double side sealing fur strips of the door frame are dustproof and insect-proof.

Safety configuration: standard infrared photoelectric protection, pressure airbag, warning light, anti-collision pillar, power failure manual rocker.

Kwang Purification offers everything you need to create an ISO compliant controlled environment including softwall cleanrooms, hardwall cleanroom, air shower, pass box, clean bench and more.

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