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Air Shower Room in Lithium Battery Industry Workshop

Due to the particularity of the production and products of various industries, the choice of air shower room is different. 

When we generally recommend air shower rooms to customers, we will choose them according to the customer's product attributes, production environment and the number of personnel.

For some special industries, such as the air shower room of the production workshop producing lithium batteries, the air shower room selection is completely different from the air shower room of the ordinary workshop. 

Air Shower Room in Lithium Battery Industry Workshop

The air shower room of the ordinary workshop is to improve and ensure the cleanliness of the workshop, before the employees enter the workshop. The air shower room is set up. The main purpose of the air shower room here is to prevent personnel from bringing dust into the cleanroom.

The opposite is true in the lithium battery industry. Since battery production does not require high cleanliness, air showers are generally not required to enter the workshop.

As the lead dust in the lithium battery production workshop can cause harm to the human body, it is generally necessary to go through the air shower room when resting or going to work in order to remove the lead dust on the personnel to prevent the external environment and the employees' bodies.

So, as this kind of reverse dust removal air shower room, what elements should be selected when it is selected?

1. The wind speed of the air shower room must be high. Because the lead dust is heavier, since there must be enough wind speed to blow off the lead dust on the employees, it is generally recommended that the wind speed>30m/s is better.

2. The floor of the air shower room must be hollowed out. The reason is that the lead dust is heavy and cannot be brought into the air filter by the airflow. The floor is hollowed out and a non-woven filter bag is set under the floor to facilitate the attraction of lead dust.

3. The air shower room needs to be equipped with a water receiving tray, and a water receiving tray needs to be installed under the floor, so that the lead dust will fall into the water, and then enter the chemical treatment pool through a special waterway for harmless treatment.

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