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Cleanroom Door and Cleanroom Window

Cleanroom doors and windows are designed to provide controlled access points to cleanrooms while maintaining strict contamination control. They ensure that the cleanliness and integrity of the controlled environment are preserved during personnel and material movement.

Requirements for Contamination Control

Cleanroom doors and windows must meet specific requirements, including airtight seals, smooth surfaces, and minimized particulate generation, to prevent the entry of contaminants and maintain the cleanliness of the cleanroom.

Features of Cleanroom Door and Window

Airtight Seals

Cleanroom doors and windows are equipped with airtight seals to prevent the passage of airborne particles and microorganisms between cleanroom and non-cleanroom areas.

Material and Finish Options

Cleanroom doors and windows are available in various materials and finishes, including stainless steel and smooth laminates, to facilitate easy cleaning and minimize particle retention.

Advantages of Cleanroom Door and Window

Contamination Prevention

Cleanroom doors and windows play a crucial role in maintaining contamination control by preventing the entry of contaminants into the cleanroom environment.

Smooth Personnel and Material Flow

The controlled access provided by cleanroom doors and windows ensures smooth and efficient movement of personnel and materials in and out of the cleanroom.

Safety and Security

Cleanroom doors and windows are equipped with safety features, such as interlocking mechanisms and clear viewing panels, to enhance safety and security within the cleanroom.

Types of Cleanroom Door and Window

Swing Doors

Swing doors are commonly used as entry and exit points in cleanrooms, providing a secure and airtight seal when closed.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are ideal for cleanrooms with limited space, as they do not require a large swing area for operation.

Viewing Windows

Viewing windows, made from transparent materials such as tempered glass, allow visibility into the cleanroom without compromising contamination control.

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