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Customized GMP turnkey modular medical clean room cleanroom

When it comes to the pharmaceutical industry, regulation and quality come first. Strict guidelines in this cutting-edge industry create the need for high specification cleanrooms that meet all regulations. 

Drug manufacturers depend on pharmaceutical cleanrooms to produce and maintain a constant, contaminant free environment, as even the smallest amount of pollutants or microorganisms can have devastating effects on the development or testing on the final result.



Our HVAC solutions, integrated Ceiling Systems, and cleanroom Solution help to meet the complex requirements of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, which requires strict particulate and contaminant control. 

We conduct a full assessment of our customers need and provide comprehensive design taking account into the production process, equipment, air conditioning purification, water supply and drainage, government specifications and regulations.

For pharmaceutical manufacturing, productivity and efficiency are keys to success. The design layout shall be reasonable and compact according to the requirements of the production process, which is conducive to the production operation and ensures effective management of the production process.

Wuxi Kwang Purification provides integrated clean room design and overall solution of environmental purification engineering. 

The design of dust-free clean room is strictly implemented in accordance with the requirements of the design specifications of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry, with good filtration efficiency and stability. 

Clean rooms are designed according to the production process layout, reduce cross-reciprocating, reasonable flow of people, logistics. Equipped with functional rooms, suitable for production scale.

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