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Points To Note In Clean Room Design

Different buildings have different requirements for design, so what are the key points of clean room architectural design in the field of production and processing? This article takes you to understand the key points of clean room architectural design in clean room manufacturer construction.

Points To Note In Clean Room Design

1. To meet the requirements of the processing process for architectural design, to achieve excellent performance of the production and manufacturing space and equipment in the general design, layout and section design of the industrial production clean workshop, it is necessary to consider the effective use of the site and to achieve the requirements of the processing process manufacturing. In the design of clean room buildings, it is important to deal with the relationship between the clean area and the relevant auxiliary areas.

2. Can achieve the economic operation of equipment, saving resources, easy maintenance, reduce the project cost in the building of clean room design, make sure to used as processing technology, purify air conditioning, and space to carry out the effective use of public power equipment, ensure that take up little provinces, reduce energy consumption and avoid contamination and cross-contamination. In the design of clean room architecture, it is necessary to ensure that the clean room is clean and easy to clean, to avoid internal and external pollution, and to avoid the formation, retention and accumulation of particles.

3. Clean room building design of operation equipment with high reliability should be adopted to ensure the safe operation of construction equipment, and ensure the safety of staff and property once a safety accident occurs. The main structure should have the same level of processing technology and equipment in the clean room, and the level of building disposal and decoration. The durability, fire resistance and decoration of the clean workshop should cooperate with the level of equipment to make the investment play a role in the long term.

4. The plane and space layout of the building should be flexible and create conditions for the adjustment of the processing technology. The main structure should adopt large space and large span column network, not the inner wall bearing system. In this way, the adjustment of processing technology and production equipment can be carried out without increasing the ground and height.

The above is the key points of clean room architectural design during clean room construction, are you clear? You can adjust your design according to our suggestions, of course, you can also give us to help you design the clean room.

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