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Dynamic Pass Boxes Customized For Our Client From Spain

The dynamic pass box is a supporting equipment of the clean room. It is installed between different cleanliness levels to transfer items. Even if the items are self-cleaning, they can also act as an airlock to prevent air convection between the clean rooms.

The two doors of the pass box are equipped with electronic interlocking devices, so that the two doors of the pass box cannot be opened at the same time, so that the airflow between the clean rooms cannot be convective. After the items are placed in the delivery window, close the door, and the items begin to be blown clean. After the set time, the two doors can be opened, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the items entering the clean room.

Dynamic Pass Box Features

1. The box body of the pass box is made of SUS304, which can effectively avoid rust.

2. The two doors are interlocked with electronic interlocking system and cannot be opened at the same time.

3. Both doors are double-glazed, the surface is flat, not easy to accumulate dust, and easy to clean.

4. Both doors are embedded in the box, the outer surface is flat, easy to clean and not easy to accumulate dust.

5. The internal four-corner arc structure is easy to clean and disinfect.

6. Clean type is equipped with differential pressure detection and filter integrity detection interface.

7. Double-door pneumatic seal, display and record the sterilization time and ozone concentration curve.

Dynamic Pass Box Parameter

1. Filter efficiency: N99.99% (sodium flame method) @0.5um

2. Cleaning time: 1~99S adjustable (default: 15S)

3. Clean wind speed: 0.36-0. 54 m/s

4. Ultraviolet lamp: 30W

5. Power supply: one-way AC220V 50H

6. Ozone sterilization concentration: >100PPM

7. The ozone disinfection transfer window can be customized, and various forms of transfer windows can be customized according to needs

Dynamic pass boxes customized for our client from Spain. Any requirement, feel free to contact us.

Dynamic Pass Boxes Customized For Our Client From Spain

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