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High Quality China Static Pass Box and Dynamic Pass Box Suppliers

The primary sources of cleanroom contamination are through equipment, Room structure and materials, improper ventilation, and the most important factor People. People ie. Personnel of a pharma factory are the largest sources of contamination in any pharmaceutical facility. It is for these reasons all major guidelines and regulatory bodies recommend using safe mechanisms of material transfer from one area ensuring Air- Borne contamination is controlled. This is the premise where Passboxes are the silent Heros of any pharma facility.

High Quality China Static Pass Box and Dynamic Pass Box Suppliers

Pass boxes play a supercritical role when it comes to Material transfer from an area of one classification to the other. They help avoid cross-contamination between two areas thereby maintaining the integrity of the cleanroom systems. The material used for constructing Pass boxes is SS304 or SS316 or SS316L. Some regions also refer to Pass boxes as Pass-Thru Hatches, Pass-through Windows, or Transfer Hatches. There are 2 basic types of pass boxes

Static Pass box

Fitted only between two cleanroom areas of the same classification levels and has no Ventilation ( air supply or extract) provision.

It is also known as a passive pass box and is equipped with UV Light It’s mainly used for non-complex, quick transfers of products in the same classification of Air.

Dynamic Pass box

Fitted between clean room areas of different classification levels and Material is passed through vertically HEPA filtered air.

Also called Active Pass Box and they are too equipped with UV light

If a Dynamic Passbox is fitted with a Vapourized Hydrogen Peroxide Generator ( VHP) as a decontamination system it may also be called a Bio De-Contamination Pass Box.

Static pass boxes are more widely used when ventilation is not essential.

Dynamic pass boxes offer more flexibility and are mainly used when intially starting a new cleanroom operation.

Static and Dynamic pass boxes, whilst are similar do have fundamental differences.

Static Pass Boxes

These type of boxes are used to transfer material between 2 clean environments with little or no human intervention.

This box contains an electromagnetic interlock between the 2 doors and from a visual control point of view, an LED light suggests when any door is open.

Dynamic pass boxes

Standard group dynamic pass boxes 4Standard group dynamic pass boxes 3This type of box is used to pass material from a non-controlled environment to a controlled environment.

Two interlocking doors on both sizes protect the controlled environment when any transfer takes place.

Depending on the application, dynamic pass box designs can be single door or double door (as shown to the right).

Typical Applications include: 

Clean Rooms



Pharmaceutical plants

Light-industrial environments

In summary-

Static pass boxes must never be used to transfer material between clean and non-clean rooms.

The purpose is to provide barrier between areas and move away contaminants on a load if present or on a surface of the material being transferred to a more clean area.

Static pass boxes are installed in manufacturing areas which filter the incoming air in order to keep the working area free from dust and other contaminants.

Static pass boxes only move material from one clean enviroment to another.

Dynamic Pass Boxes use an interlock guard system. When one door is open the other remains closed to eliminate contamination.

Dynamic pass boxes move material from an uncontrolled area to a clean area.

there’s so much science behind a simple pass box, ask Kwang to share with you the Standard Operating Procedures and you shall know the various steps involved in using one of these static or dynamic pass boxes.

Kwang Purification is proud to offer examples of a variety of our cleanroom Pass Box below. Static Pass Box, Dynamic Pass Box, Stainless Steel Pass Box, Electric Interlock Pass Box.

Kwang Purification is a leading manufacturer of clean room products we can provide you one stop solution for all your requirements about clean room. If any question or requirement, feel free to contact me, I will try my best to offer you good advice and solution.

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