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Static And Dynamic Pass Box For Cleanroom

In a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility where a sterile environment is paramount, equal importance must be given to ensuring the movement of materials does not compromise the sanctity of the cleanroom. Operators account for the largest single source of contamination in cleanrooms – 80% of all contaminants found in cleanrooms can be traced back to operators.The Pass Box is the answer to this problem.

Static And Dynamic Pass Box For Cleanroom

One of the systems commonly used in cleanrooms to minimise contamination is the pass box. As the name itself suggests, the primary and only work of a pass box is to pass materials from one side to the other, between controlled environments of different classes so as to avoid airborne cross-contamination. Should any particulate matter be present on the surface of the material being transferred, it is swiped away during the operation. The prime feature of a pass box is the interlocking door mechanism – when the door on one side is open the door on the other side remains closed. Pass boxes are known by different names including cleanroom pass through, clean transfer window and transfer hatch and are widely used in microbiology laboratories in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Cleanroom pass boxes come with different features and sizes, hence installing the right product is paramount. Here are some things to know when choosing the right cleanroom pass box for your facility.

A pass box is designed in two different types; static and dynamic and it is the user-specific requirement which decides the right design configuration.

A pass box is designed in two different types; static and dynamic, it is the user specific requirement which decides the right design configuration. The difference between these two is explained as:


A dynamic pass box is fitted between classified and non-classified areas. Material is passed through vertically HEPA filtered air.


Static pass box on the other hand is fitted only between two clean room areas and has no air supply or extract. It is also known as passive pass box and equipped with UV light.

We are ISO certified pass box manufacturers in China. Our pass boxes deliver low noise and easy to use operation, rugged construction promises long service life. Standard size is 2 x 2 x 2 ft. or 60 x 60 x 60 cm, we also make customized pass through boxes to any customer provided size. Every box is made to comply international standards and supplied at industry leading price in China.

Kwang’s pass boxes have a re-circulatory air system with a certain percentage of air intake as fresh air to keep it under positive pressure. It has a microprocessor-based controller to manage door interlock, UV light–hour metre, door open delay and other application based requirements. Validation is per ISO / IEST RP with air flow visualisation and specific execution based on application. The material of construction is SS304.

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