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Role Of The Air Shower Channel

The air shower channel is the personal purification device used when the operator enters the clean room. It uses high-speed clean airflow to blow off the dirt from the personnel entering the room. Its nozzles can be adjusted to effectively remove dust from people and to prevent outside pollution from entering the clean area. It can also be applied to the blowing shower of large goods.

Role Of The Air Shower Channel

The air/cargo air shower is a necessary channel for people/cargo to enter and leave the clean room and plays the role of airlock room to seal the clean room at the same time.

The air in the air shower channel by the role of the fan through the primary filter into the static pressure box, filtered by the high-efficiency air filter clean air from the air shower room nozzle high-speed spray, nozzle angle can be adjusted, can effectively blow the dust attached to the surface of the person special or carry goods, blow down the dust and then recycled into the primary air filter, so the cycle can achieve the purpose of air shower.

In order to achieve the best effect of blowing shower, the wind/cargo shower room design nozzle outlet wind speed can reach more than 25m/s, blowing to the human body wind speed of 18m/s minimum, the factory initial wind shower time is set to 15 seconds.

Role Of The Air Shower Channel

The air shower room provides a modular assembly method, which can be assembled into various lengths of air shower sizes according to actual needs.


The overall design of the air shower channel is a combination of power fluid science, which is fully automatic infrared induction blowing shower, the whole process is humanized voice prompt operation. The use of double-door interlock, can not open the door or door at the same time, the air shower channel in the work, double doors to close tightly, forcing the blowing shower.


The equipment in the air shower channel is generally the pre-filter, the main filter, the air jet and the fan, the filter efficiency of the pre-filter is about 15%. Mainly to remove relatively coarse dust particles, and this filtration device can use water washing or vacuum cleaner for dust washing.


The main filter is mainly to filter the dust above 0.3um, basically more than 99.99% of the filter efficiency, but this filter material sector is very fragile, so in the event of clogging, to be reprocessed; jet is mainly to remove the dust particles attached to the human body, the effect to be achieved is to peel the particles; fan is mainly to circulate the air for clean.


In general, the air shower channel is installed in the air shower channel or the entrance of the sterile room, generally for the maintenance of the device in the air shower channel, according to the situation to be cleaned within a certain period of time. For the front filter, it can be cleaned by water washing or vacuum dust washing, etc. It is normal to replace it in three months, and for the main filter, it should be tested 2 to 4 times a year.

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