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Air Shower Needs To Use The High Efficiency Filter Filtration

Usually people do not know much about the original air shower also need to use high efficiency filter, in fact, for the air shower equipment mainly to deal with people and goods of the external environment pollutants, is through the internal circulation of clean wind inside the air shower to reach the role, so the purchase of air shower equipment should pay attention to the quality of high efficiency filter; after years of experience and know, give us a summary of the importance of high efficiency filter inside the air shower.

Air Shower Needs To Use The High Efficiency Filter Filtration

Air shower is mainly composed of box, fan, high-efficiency filter, control circuit and other important components, the difference in price is also basically by the difference between these several parts and the difference; Following the progress of the professional degree of the profession, the technology of the air shower is now more and more sophisticated, from the original manual blowing shower to the present full active blowing shower, wind speed from 18m/s to 25m/s progress, so that the function of the air shower has an outstanding Progress.

Nowadays, we usually use high efficiency filter without partition, of course, there will be many manufacturers choose high efficiency filter with partition, the difference between these two kinds of filters has been clarified before, high efficiency filter with partition is comparable to the early air shower, the current air shower manufacturers still choose high efficiency filter without partition, compared to the high efficiency filter without partition, the technical content is higher, the effect of filtration is better; control circuit Usually are integrated control system, is the special control circuit of the air shower, there are emergency stop, manual start, air shower moment adjustment and other modules, some small accessories such as active door closer, infrared sensor, electronic interlock and other quality of the air shower is often related to the normal operation of the entire air shower, so it is not to be ignored; thus the important use of high efficiency filter on the air shower should not be ignored.

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