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The composition and installation characteristics of industrial clean room

The following explains the composition of the industrial cleanroom of the purification workshop and its installation characteristics-safe evacuation. 


Since the industrial cleanroom is a highly airtight building, its safe evacuation has become a very important and prominent issue, which is also closely related to the setting of the purification air-conditioning system. Generally, the following points should be noted:

1. At least two safety exits should be provided in each fire prevention zone or purification zone of the production floor. Only one safety exit is allowed when the area is less than 50 square meters and the staff is less than 5 people.

2. The human entrance should not be used as an evacuation exit. Because the Renjing route is often tortuous, once the fireworks are overwhelming, it is very difficult to require personnel to run outdoors quickly.

3. Blow shower room cannot be used as a general access channel. Because this kind of door is often two interlocking or automatic, once a failure occurs, it will greatly affect evacuation. Therefore, bypass doors are generally set in the blowing shower room. It is necessary when there are more than 5 staff. Set this door. Workers should walk through the bypass door instead of the blowing shower room when they leave the industrial cleanroom.

4. The doors of the industrial cleanrooms in the purification zone, considering the need to maintain the pressure in the room, should be opened in the direction of the pressured room, because the doors are pressed tightly by pressure, which is obviously contrary to the requirements of safe evacuation. In order to consider the requirements of both the usual purification and emergency evacuation, it is stipulated that the door between the purification area and the non-purification area, and the door between the purification area and the outdoor are treated as safe evacuation doors, and their opening directions are all toward the evacuation direction. Of course, they are set separately. The same is true for security doors.

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