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Precautions For Installation Design Of Purification Equipment In Purification Workshop

The structural treatment and material selection of purification workshop should fully consider the requirements of different purification levels, structural forms and interior architectural design. Precautions For Installation Design Of Purification Equipment In Purification Workshop, In addition to the general requirements of thermal insulation, sound insulation and shockproof, the most important thing is to ensure its air tightness and the requirements of no dust and no dust on the surface of building materials. In addition, we should pay attention to the electrostatic effect of decoration and human body.

Precautions For Installation Design Of Purification Equipment In Purification Workshop

All structural design of the purification workshop shall be as simple as possible to minimize unevenness and unnecessary decoration. The surface shall be free of dust, dust and easy to clean. Therefore, for clean buildings, scientific construction and interior decoration are more important than other types of production plants.

Air tightness is a key factor in the design of building envelope. Poor air tightness will lead to the leakage of the air in the purification workshop and the invasion of the outside polluted air, which will damage the cleanliness of the indoor environment in the purification workshop. The airtight quality of enclosure depends on the construction and construction of walls, ceilings, doors and windows and other additional accessories, which should be paid attention to.

The dust production of building materials is a kind of pollution source that can not be ignored. Practice has proved that, even in the case of no collision, the surface of building materials is constantly emitting particles to the surrounding space, which are directly related to the use state, quality and aging degree of materials.

In the purification workshop of the electronic factory, some electronic products will fall and deposit on the product surface due to chemical pollutants, which will affect the product quality or cause chemical reactions in the subsequent production process, resulting in defective products and even waste products. Therefore, the decoration materials (including sealing materials) in the purification workshop of the electronic factory shall not be materials that have impact on the electronic products. When designing the purification workshop or selecting decorative materials, it shall be determined after coordination with the owner or production process provider of the specific project.

In addition, because the decoration materials in the purification workshop are generally polymer synthetic materials, and the work clothes and shoes made of various synthetic fiber fabrics and insulating materials will generate static electricity under dynamic friction. When the object is electrostatic, it will produce mechanical, discharge and induction problems, and will cause other adverse effects, causing great harm.

Therefore, great attention should also be paid to the interior decoration design of the purification workshop, especially the anti-static measures of the ground design and the research of the anti-static and dust-free work clothes.

What aspects should be considered in the purification workshop installation design? In the general layout design, plane layout and section design of the purification workshop installation, it is necessary to fully consider the reasonable use of the site and meet the requirements of process production.

1、 Meet the requirements of production process for architectural design, and realize high-performance manufacturing space and facilities. In the design of industrial workshop building, we must deal with the relationship between clean area and its related auxiliary area.

2、 Realize facilities that can operate economically, save energy, easy to maintain and reduce cost. In the design of industrial workshop buildings, the space composition used for production process, purification air conditioning and public power facilities must be effectively utilized to save area, reduce energy consumption and prevent pollution or cross pollution.

Purification principle of industrial purification workshop: mixed air - primary air treatment - intermediate air treatment - air conditioning heating or refrigeration - pressurized fan air supply - purification pipeline - efficient air supply outlet - clean room - dust removal - return air duct - fresh air and primary air treatment. The clean workshop can be completed by repeating the above steps several times.

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