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We are an air shower manufacturer in China, with more than 10 years of history in this field, we aim to provide the best-qualified air showers and good aftersales services to you.

The air shower room is a necessary passage for people to enter the cleanroom, it can reduce the pollution problem caused by people entering and leaving the cleanroom.

The electronic interlock between the two doors of the air shower chamber can also act as the airlock chamber to prevent the unpurified air from entering the cleanroom and reduce the dust pollution to the cleanroom in the process of personnel entering and leaving the cleanroom.

When people enter the air shower, the cleaned air after HEPA filter sprayed by rotating nozzle jet from various directions to the people, effectively and quickly remove clothing carried by dust particles.


Whole SUS304 or SUS201 or painted metallic housing.

HEPA H13 or H14 purified airflow.

High airflow and low vibration fan.

Manual or automatically door, (shut door or rolling door available)

Magnetic interlock door system.

360-degree rotatable SUS nozzles.

Microprocessor controlled.

Intelligent voice guidance system.

LED display indicating the time and state of spraying.

Spray time is adjustable, ranging from 10-99s.

Soft key touch switch, long service lifes.

Infrared photoelectric sensor controls air spray.

Normal cleanroom air shower

Are You Looking For Air Shower Manufacturer

Sliding door air shower

Are You Looking For Air Shower Manufacturer

Rolling door air shower

Are You Looking For Air Shower Manufacturer

Why choose a sliding door?

Siding door air shower is widely used in busy cleanroom workshops.

Because sliding doors open and close faster, they can be controlled by infrared or manual motion Sliding door air shower is applicable to large cleanroom workshops where stuff and carts entering and exiting more frequently.

In case of a collision with a cart or a human body, the closing action will be stopped immediately, and the door will be opened immediately, so as to prevent staff from being hurt or damaging carts and air showers.

When the automatic sliding door is running, the sound is relatively small.

Easy installation, we will give you a guidebook and video tutorial to help you install a sliding door air shower.

Advantageous of automatic rolling door air shower

Mostly used for large cart transport, some normal size air showers can only install 4-8 stuff each time, and the door is short and narrow. In some special industries, large carts move into and exit the cleanroom frequently, in order to save time and make transportation be easier, we design automatic rolling shutter doors for the air showers.

Rolling shutter door open and close in the vertical direction, the speed is very fast only taking about 2 seconds to open or close totally. The door material is a high-density strong vinyl curtain that thickness at least 2mm, door color can be any and transparent door material is available.

Rolling door controlled by manually or infrared sensor, or remote control is available.

Kwang Purification is proud to offer examples of a variety of our air shower projects below. Stainless Steel Air Shower, Cargo Air Shower, Automatic Door Air Shower, Corner Air Shower, Multi User Stainless Steel Air Shower, Air Shower With Sole Cleaning System.

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