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Air Shower manufacturer's Advice On Air Shower Installation

Industrial air showers for cleanroom facilities are one of the most effective approaches to fight contamination. Though there are diverse views about the effectiveness of air showers in contamination control, it is used widely in industrial environment and in healthcare industries. If you are considering air shower installation for your facility then it is important to have a clear understanding of the functionality of the entire system.

Air Shower manufacturer's Advice On Air Shower Installation

Air Shower is an essential equipment to reduce the particles that come with operators, materials and machines before entering the cleanroom. HEPA filter is applies as a main filter to remove 99.99% of particles that have size of  0.3 µm. Air Shower is commonly used in almost every class of cleanroom.

Single and double standard size: capable for 1-2 persons each time.

Can be designed and installed successively in order that the operators can walk pass the system successively. The amount of the air shower depends in the number of the operators in the cleanroom.

Made from Electro-Galvanized sheet and coated with epoxy powder/stainless steel. Suitable for industries with high humidity level and chemical erosion.

Industrial cleanroom air showers are available from various brands. There are also different types of air showers based on their capabilities. The contamination removal percentage varies from one system to the other. Reports indicate that the effectiveness of such systems range from 40% to 90%. You will therefore need to make sure that the air shower that you are selecting meets your requirements providing you with the desired results. It has also been observed that the overall effectiveness of air showers also depend on various other factors such as the nature and fabrics of the garments used. Choosing the right type of garments is also equally important when it comes to boosting the overall effectiveness of industrial air showers.

Industrial air showers are often used in conjunction with cleanrooms. They will be used at the entry points to cleanrooms. At times, they are also used as standalone contamination control mechanisms. Regardless of whether it is used in conjunction with cleanrooms or as standalone mechanisms, it is important that your air showers use the right type of filtration system. Continued efficiency of your industrial air shower will depend on the quality of the filtration used. Poor filtration systems will result in progressively poor performance of your air showers.

Further to that, it is also important to note that the type of flooring used in the room where air shower enclosures are installed is also very important. Work with an experienced air shower installation company, like CleanAir Solutions so they will not only supply you with the equipment but with the additional support that is required to boost the overall impact of your industrial air showers.

Before you install your air showers make sure to get the complete specifications of the air shower that you are planning to install. You will need to work with a partner that provides ongoing support to their customers so that you are not stranded when something goes wrong with the air shower installation. Regular maintenance is also required to ensure that your air showers are operating at an optimum level. The filtration system needs to be cleaned periodically to sustain the best performance of your air shower. Ongoing maintenance is therefore of paramount importance. Identify a highly experienced and well-established partner for your air shower installation so that they do not disappear from the scene after they have installed your air showers.

The right type of air shower installation will help you prevent unnecessary contamination related losses. It is therefore crucial that you do not rush to make your choices here but invest adequate time in selecting the best industrial air showers available.

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