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Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

Clean benches are filtered work stations with uniform airflow that provide product protection. Typical applications include aseptic processing, micro electronics, media preparation and other applications where the work must be protected from contamination but there are no hazards to the user or environment requiring containment.

Horizontal Clean Bench features:

1.Horizontal manifold, open type bench and convenient operation. The clean bench is equipped with a differential pressure gauge, and thus the change situation of the resistance of the efficient filter can be mastered at any time;

2.The fan system with adjustable air volume is adopted, and the light touch type switch is used for adjusting the voltage;
3.Ensure that the wind speed in working area is always in the ideal state;

4.The working bench is made of imported stainless steel.

Double Person Horizontal Laminar Flow Clean Bench

The clean benches produced by Wuxi Kwang Purification can be divided into Vertical Clean Bench and Horizontal Clean Bench according to the directon of air flow. According to the dimension, can be divided to  single clean bench and double clean bench. As well as, according to the material, can be divided to SS304 clean bench and powder coated steel clean bench. 

The clean benches are widely used in Medical,Pharmaceutical,Laboratories,Food, Cosmestic and other related industries.

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