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Clean Bench Features: A Quick guide

With the variety of clean benches to choose from for cleanroom applications, this quick guide will point you in the right direction.

Clean Bench Features: A Quick guide

One piece of equipment many cleanroom managers have to consider is a clean bench. Depending on the purpose of the bench, more than one may be necessary. When it comes to clean benches, the options are numerous.

Clean benches and workstations generally use either HEPA or ULPA filtration systems. They provide workspaces for applications like conducting research or isolating a manufacturing process. They tend to come in tabletop, standup, or sitdown models. They come in a variety of materials, and vertical and horizontal flow combinations. Here are features of some of these benches.

Horizontal Laminar Flow – This is a general-purpose bench used for lab work, testing, inspection, manufacturing, and other operations. HEPA filter provides an ISO 5 working environment.

Vertical Flow – Has a self-contained filter unit that provides Class 100 HEPA filtered air flowing in a vertical laminar pattern. The filters are 99.99% efficient at 0.3 micron or larger.

Wet – Two-process bench comes with sump area with drain, PVC eye shield, rear-side exhaust connection and fume-control slot openings. Features can also include low profile casters, removable deck stations, and adjustable leveling legs.

Swing-Over – A gowning bench with a seating surface and raised platform for easier bootie/shoe cover application. Comes with a protective barrier between the controlled and uncontrolled sides of the gowning area.

Wafer Cleaning – This is a manually-operated acid cleaning tool. Features a partitioned slope, and a sump area separating processes and QDR waste and their drains. Fume-controlled area includes eye shield, updraft exhaust, and fume capture. Recirculation pump is also a waste transfer pump to drain.

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