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Clean Bench Technical Introduction

This article introduces What’s Clean Bench, How to choose the type model and operation. 

Clean Bench Technical Introduction

What’s clean bench 

1.Clean Bench Definition

Clean bench, also known as ultra-clean bench, clean bench, ultra-clean bench, etc.

It is an air purification equipment that provides a local high-cleanliness working environment, It is an air purification equipment that provides high-cleanliness working environment. Help improve the process environment, product quality and yield.

2.Clean Bench Definition

The air in the room go through the HEPA Filter, pressed into the static pressure box by the fan, and then from the HEPA filter outlet the clean air flow. Clean airflow flows through the work area at a uniform cross-sectional wind speed, So as to be a highly clean working environment.

3.Clean Bench Classification 

Air flow direction type: Vertical laminar flow and Horizontal laminar flow

Operation person type: Single person and Double person 

Operating structure Type: Single side and Double side

User Purpose: Normal Clean Bench and Biological Clean Bench

How to choose?

1.Clean Bench Composition 

Clean Bench composed of main components with outer cabinet, fan, HEPA filter, and an electrical controller, created a local one-way flow-type dust-free and sterile working environment.

2.Clean Bench Application 

The clean bench is widely used in scientific research and production departments that require a clean and sterile working environment, such as medicine and health, biopharmaceuticals, food, medical science experiments, optics, electronics, sterile laboratories, sterile microbiological inspections, plant tissue culture inoculation, etc.

3.Clean Bench Selection


The horizontal laminar clean bench, the clean air is blown directly to the operator from back. It is used in the electronics and precision instrument industry it have litter effect on health for operation. The vertical laminar clean bench, clean air blow from top to the worktable, mostly used in the biomedical industry to ensure the safety of operators. There are also a single-double or single- and double-sided Clean Bench according to industrial field.

How to use the clean bench?

1. Where to put the clean bench

The clean workbench should be put in place there are few people moving and far away from the door, so that the airflow around the equipment can be stable, and it will not interfere the airflow in the operation area.

2. Self-cleaning and sterilization before experiment

Before using, turn on the UV lamp eliminating accumulated on the surface of the operation area 30 minutes, and then turn on the fan and run for 3-5 minutes to complete self-cleaning.

3. Cleaning and sterilization after experiment

During the experiment, wiped the tools/objects with alcohol before put it on the workplace; After the operation, clean the equipment especially the worktable,

And then it’s best to turn on the UV lamp for sterilization and cut off the power.

4. How to maintenance Clean Bench

According to the cleanliness of the environment, the Pr-filter should be cleaned or replaced, and the HEPA filter should be replaced after 2-3 years. Replace the same specification lamp and UV lamp reach life time.

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