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Clean Bench Routine Maintenance Methods

When building highly clean grade 10 or cleanrooms, engineering companies often fail to ensure that the cleanliness of these cleanrooms is dynamically up to standard. Many factories have built clean room after the completion of site cleanliness test diagnosis. You will find that many factories have advanced equipment, but the clean room in these factories has never reached the standard of dynamic cleanliness after passing the air and static cleanliness test. Obviously the problem is on the person or the thing body, usually see in the scene, the worker does not change clothes according to the regulation, do not make the regulation action in the air shower, even some female workers make up after entering the clean room. You can imagine how cleanliness can be achieved without regulation and control of human activities, the largest source of pollution in the clean room.


Ways to choose and buy a Clean Bench: on the domestic market super clean workbench sort is: economy USES the air filter of national standard, the index is lower than international standard, the appearance is also poor; Fan is the use of domestic common fan, the performance is better at the beginning of the work, the performance can not be guaranteed for a long time; In order to reduce the cost, do not use external exhaust air filter; The control system is simple with poor appearance.

Ordinary imported or mostly imported raw materials and foreign technology in the domestic production of air filters, performance close to imported products; The fan USES the middle-grade product, also USES the fan of sino-foreign joint venture, is more reliable, but the majority is not for the special need of the ultra clean workbench design, so the long time use in the air quantity is not uniform is its characteristic; Comprehensive performance is better, but the control system is simple, like a glass door is manual. All imported products or the use of the original filter; Fan is designed according to the characteristics of the use of the ultra clean table imported fan; The main performance is higher than the general type; The control system has been specially optimized for users: most of the glass doors are driven by electric motors, and the boxes contain sensors that can reflect the work of the filters to improve the reliability of the products. A few products use embedded control systems. Do not simply look at the price of ultra clean table when the purchase of ultra clean workbench, the price is an important factor.

However, if you consider that the clean bench is a long-term use of equipment, maintenance and maintenance costs are also high. Here the ultra clean work table has a prominent feature, its air filter is a loss, the use of the process of dust on the filter surface will accumulate, resulting in increased wind resistance, finally make the filter scrapped, thus the system failed. Denier phenomenon products such report to you immediately, but you can't know medium and low-grade products is the same problem, do you know what to spend the money to buy a replacement filter is troublesome and expensive, so most of the products to extend the service life of filter used the way to add the pre-filter, whereas most cheap products are just symbolic and cloth.

Pay attention to the cleaning and disinfection of super clean bench: super clean workbench is a kind of special workbench, imported products will use a lot of space to tell you how to clean and disinfection. Better ultra clean workbench can have a lot of accessories, most concern with clean and disinfect. The ultra clean table of choose and buy should be able to install ultraviolet lamp to be used for disinfection and sterilization. You might as well ask your suppliers what they do to clean and disinfect your customers. If you find a product that doesn't wash well, don't worry about it.

Tips for extending the service life of the clean bench: the purification table shall be composed of boxes, fans, filters, operation switches and other components. The working table is made of stainless steel, the box is made of color steel plate, and the purification unit is made of adjustable air volume fan system. By adjusting the working state of the fan, the average wind speed in the clean working area can be kept within the rated range, and the service life of the filter can be effectively extended. 

1. According to the actual use, remove the primary filter and clean it regularly. The cleaning cycle is generally 3-6 months. (if not cleaned for a long time, dust accumulation will affect the air intake and reduce the cleaning effect).

2. Generally, when the working voltage of the fan is adjusted to a higher point and it still cannot reach the ideal wind speed, it means that the filter accumulates too much dust (the filter hole on the filter material has been blocked basically, it should be updated in time). The service life of the general air filter is 18 months.

3. according to the environmental cleaning procedures, regularly remove the filter material in the coarse filter cleaning, the interval time is generally 3 to 6 months.

4. When the voltage of the wind unit is adjusted to the maximum, the wind speed in the working area still cannot reach 0.3m/s, that is, the air filter must be replaced.

5. when replacing the air filter, should pay attention to the correct size of the model specification (the original manufacturer configuration), according to the arrow wind device, and pay attention to the filter surrounding seal, no leakage.

6. When the ideal cross section wind speed cannot be reached after the normal replacement or cleaning of the primary air filter, the working voltage of the fan should be adjusted to achieve the ideal uniform wind speed.

7. When replacing the filter, use the dust particle counter to check whether the seal around the four is good. Adjust the voltage of the wind unit to keep the average wind speed in the working area within the range of 0.4±10%m/s. Check the purification efficiency with dust particle counter.

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