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What Is A Qualified Air Shower

Air shower room, also named air shower machine air shower clean room and air shower unit. Due to the habits of users in different places, the names are different, but the principle is the same. The air shower is a clean equipment for clean kitchens and prefabricated clean rooms. The air shower also acts as an airlock buffer to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area. Generally speaking, there are corresponding requirements for the wind speed, blowing time and blowing point of view of the air shower.

What Are The Conditions For A Qualified Air Shower

1. The wind speed of the air shower. According to the research results of European and American experts, when the wind speed is above 20 m/s, the dust removal power almost reaches the maximum value, and with the increase of the wind speed, the dust removal power changes very little. In addition, for the new generation of air showers, the initial wind speed should not be lower than 25m/s, and the best can exceed 28m/s.

2. The time of showering in the air shower. Still based on the research results of European and American experts, the blowing time of the air shower channel should not be less than 30 s, especially for small particles of dust. The air shower channel in the current market can freely set the blowing time, and generally the highest blowing time can be set to 99 s.

3. Air shower nozzle method and placement. At present, in general air shower channels, the nozzles are arranged on both sides of the air shower area, with 6 nozzles on each side of each connection. Due to structural limitations, the height of the nozzles on both sides from the ground is not less than 1m.

4. Air shower point of view. As long as the airflow is blowing, the cloth will vibrate continuously, so that the dust in the gap can be removed. In order to cause the vibration of the clothes, the airflow can best be blown to the outer surface of the clothes at a certain point of view, and this point of view is generally 30-60 degrees.

5. Air shower noise. The noise of the air shower is generally composed of fan noise and high-speed airflow. Sometimes there is also noise caused by the rapid deformation of the box due to wind pressure. The noise at a distance of 1m from the air shower will reach 75 decibels.

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