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Clean Room Air Shower With Hepa And Air Shower Nozzle

Kwang air shower is comprised by cabinets, stainless steel door( steel door or window of the lacquer that bake color door), coarse filter efficiency, high efficiency filter, blower, static pressure box, nozzle interlock controller, operation panel, sensors and so on. 


Air shower floor is made up of steel plate bending welded together, with processing reinforcement of the lacquer that bake, attached on the surface of stainless steel.

High quality cold-rolled steel plate manufacturing, surface electrostatic coating or paint processing, beautiful and easy, inner bottom plating stainless steel plate making friction resistance, easy to clean.

Cabinet advocate material and shape size can customize according to customer's requirements.

Our company has set benchmark in offering Air Shower. The air shower nozzle is a perfect accomplice for air shower room and clean room. The air shower Nozzle admits the unique side viewing uneven direction nozzle, can easily make sure the spray direction, maintenance the ideal air current organization in shower room; exports blowing, efficiently blow off the dust on the surface and energy saving, usually adopts the stainless steel, electrolysis board, engineering plastics as raw material, if applied to other special field, can adopt other materials.How Air Shower Room Nozzle Affects Its Blowing?

Applications :

Single/Double air shower room

Cargo drenched room and passageway

Air shower transfer window

Flow line dried with strong cold wind

Flow line dried with high temperature

Air shower and display disinfection room

Nozzle Features :

Available material: 304 stainless steel

Spraying wind speed: 20m/s, efficiently blow off dust

Wind deflexion degree: straight discharge or 45 degree

Unit Weight: 0.3kg (SS)

Size : 20, 25, 30, 38, 40, 70, 75mm

Color : Silver

Material : SS201.Ss303

Coating : Water or Oil

Assisted by our well-experienced professionals, we are committed towards presenting the finest quality SS Air Shower Nozzle. This type of shower nozzle is ideally suitable to be utilized for single or double air shower room, air shower transfer window and allied applications. This is precision designed and fabricated from selected grade of stainless steel with progressive casting technology guaranteeing high pressure resistance, robust construction, low maintenance and durability. The SS Air Shower Nozzle comes up with different diameters with secured packaging.

If you're looking for the clean room air shower with hepa and air shower nozzle, Kwang must be your best choice. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory has great competence in this field. Welcome to buy our low price products and check the price list with us.

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