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How Air Shower Room Nozzle Affects Its Blowing

The nozzle arrangement of the air shower room is related to the blowing effect. The nozzle diameter of the air shower room is Φ25mm, and the number of nozzles in the air shower room is generally about 6, 10, 12, 20, 30. Generally, the nozzles of the air shower room will be arranged on both sides of the blowing area, unless the nozzles of the three blowing and top blowing shower rooms are arranged differently, the nozzles of the air shower room are arranged with 6 nozzles on each side of each line. Due to the limitation of the structure, the height of the nozzles on both sides from the ground should not be less than 1m. The air shower room blows the left and right sides of the shower (the top blowing can be added according to the actual requirements of the customer).

At present, most of the nozzles used in the air shower are direction-adjustable, and this structure has historical reasons. When the air shower room is just formed, there are only nozzles with a fixed direction. However, because the nozzles are located at a relatively high position inside the air shower room, the number is not large, and it can only blow and shower the upper body of the human body when used. Therefore, the designer changed the direction-fixed nozzle to the direction-adjustable nozzle, and the direction of the nozzle can be adjusted according to the actual use, so that more parts of the human body surface can be blown on.


With the advent of direction-adjustable nozzles in the air shower room, another problem also appears at the same time. Due to the high speed of the blowing air flow in the air shower room, when it blows on the surface of the human body, quite a few people feel uncomfortable and do not want to be showered. After they enter the air shower room, they always have to toggle the nozzle In the direction of the door, so that it faces the entrance/exit door to avoid blowing and showering. For this reason, some units are also equipped in the air shower room to enter the air shower room employees' movements.

Conventional air shower nozzle alias is also called stainless steel nozzle, air shower spray ball, the air shower nozzle can adjust the direction at a large angle, long-term resistance to large air volume, high wind speed (25 m/s), can quickly blow off people and object surfaces The dust.

The main parameters of the air shower nozzle: the nozzle is larger, the outer plate size is 165MM, the air outlet size is 30MM, 38MM, and 25mm are optional; the plastic air shower nozzle provides the clamp connection and the screw connection.

Material description of stainless steel nozzle in air shower room: There are two materials for choice: stainless steel and ABS chrome plating. 

(1) The stainless steel type is made of 304SS by molding and stretching, and polished to a mirror surface, without dust accumulation, no scratching, no air leakage, strong and durable .

(2) The ABS type has a variety of metal coatings, and the outer layer is chrome-plated, which is low cost and has an effect comparable to the former.

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