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Cleanroom Air Shower Manufacturers In China

An air shower is a two doors walk-through dust removal system, which is fitted prior to cleanroom entrance. The purpose of setting up air shower system is to control the risk of spreading contaminants in the cleanroom environment by removing particulate matter on the personnel by throwing class 100 airflow. 

Cleanroom Air Shower Manufacturers And Suppliers In China

The air shower machine throws high velocity HEPA filtered air through jet nozzles which removes particulate matter (includes solid and liquid particles suspend in air and some of them are hazardous in nature). The contaminated air is again filtered and re-circulated. With-in seconds, the person entering into air shower comes out entirely cleans i.e. free from harmful dust. Electronics and Pharmaceutical productions and animal breeding laboratories are some of areas where air showers are extensively used.


Standard models are made only for 1 person per cycle. To meet the needs of large number of workers, we can also design air showers with 2, 3 and 4 persons per cycles. They can also be fitted in series and parallel to meet demand of large number of workers.


Our air showers are available of throughout type entry-exit, L type entry-exit and one-way entry and two way exit type.


Made of only corrosion resistant materials; we use either high grade stainless steel anti-microbial properties or powder coated MS for construction.


Two doors are fitted in a system, one at entrance and one at exit. Doors are also made of stainless steel or powder coated MS. Handles and hydraulic door closers are fitted for easy access of door. Electromagnetic interlocking allows opening of single at one time; thus, prevents unwanted contamination inside the machine. There is also emergency switch; by pressing it, both doors open immediately.


Properly balanced motor blower of standard make, fitted with suspension system for noise level reduction.


Flooring or platform is made of either Stainless steel or Aluminum with detachable anti-slip PVC mat or equivalent material.


Over all fittings such as handles, hinges and wires etc. are of any reputed brand and ISI marked.


Our engineering team visits your site and installs the machine properly. Demonstration and training is provided to all relevant staff.

The air shower room is a necessary passage for people to enter the cleanroom, it can reduce the pollution problem caused by people entering and leaving the cleanroom.

The electronic interlock between the two doors of the air shower chamber can also act as the airlock chamber to prevent the unpurified air from entering the cleanroom and reduce the dust pollution to the cleanroom in the process of personnel entering and leaving the cleanroom.

When people enter the air shower, the cleaned air after HEPA filter sprayed by rotating nozzle jet from various directions to the people, effectively and quickly remove clothing carried by dust particles.

Cleanroom Air Shower Manufacturers And Suppliers In China

Why choose a sliding door?

Automatic Door Air Shower is widely used in busy cleanroom workshops.

Because sliding doors open and close faster, they can be controlled by infrared or manual motion Sliding door air shower is applicable to large cleanroom workshops where stuff and carts entering and exiting more frequently.

In case of a collision with a cart or a human body, the closing action will be stopped immediately and the door will be opened immediately, so as to prevent staff from being hurt or damaging carts and air showers.

When the automatic sliding door is running, the sound is relatively small.

Easy installation, we will give you a guidebook and video tutorial to help you install a sliding door air shower.

Advantageous of Automatic Rapid Rolling Door Air Shower

Mostly used for large cart transport, some normal size air showers can only install 4-8 stuff each time, and the door is short and narrow. In some special industries, large carts move into and exit the cleanroom frequently, in order to save time and make transportation be easier, we design automatic rolling shutter doors for the air showers.

Rolling shutter door open and close in the vertical direction, the speed is very fast only takes about 2 seconds to open or close totally. The door material is a high-density strong vinyl curtain that thickness at least 2mm, door color can be any and transparent door material is available.

Rolling door controlled by manually or infrared sensor, or remote control is available.

We are ISO and CE certified air shower manufacturers in China. We have in house facility of design, construction and installation of air shower entry systems for laboratories, clean rooms and manufacturing areas etc. These systems are carefully constructed at our factory, tested at various parameters then dispatched to the client's site. Our air shower cabinets are designed with corrosion resistant materials (Stainless steel or powder coated MS), fitted with easy to use controls and safety arrangements; filters are easily replaceable whenever needed.

Our air shower entry systems are custom designed and constructed as per requirements of the customers and sold at industry leading price in China.

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