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My Danish Customer

In 2015, customer learned about our products through the website and established contact with me through an email. It’s sure that he was interested in our products, however there’s a distance of more than seven thousand kilometers between us, he finally found me, I preferred to believe that was fate.



Based on the nice communication with customer, he placed the first sample order. A pass box was sent to Denmark at the end of 2015. After receiving the product, the customer was very satisfied with the quality of our product. He became more determined in his judgment and choice, then more inquiries and orders came. Providing high quality products and sincere service were our initial aspiration since we started our career. In May of 2019, that's when we knew each other for about four years, we welcomed this far-away guest in Wuxi. We got together like old friends, who would believe it was the first time we met! We were so happy!



At the beginning of 2020, a sudden epidemic spread across the world and threatened the international market. However, we believe that the epidemic will pass and we will surely to usher in a new spring!

We firmly believe that in this era of information so developed, with the increasingly powerful development, international status continues to improve, we are willing to introduce high-quality products to all over the world, let the world know China, look forward to more customers and partners! Welcome to China!

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