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How to Choose Your Air Shower Room

Definition of air shower room: Also known as air shower room, it is a very versatile part where people or goods enter the clean area. The cleanroom is blown out by the fan through the air shower nozzle with high-efficiency filtered clean strong wind to remove people or objects that adsorb dust purifying facility.

Cleanroom Air Shower

The air shower is the only way for employees to enter the clean room from the non-clean zone. Through the air shower room, a large number of dust particles brought by people or goods entering and leaving the cleanroom can be removed more effectively, thereby ensuring the cleanliness of the cleanroom. So, how to buy an air shower has become a difficult matter for companies to decide; choosing a good quality air shower is like choosing a house. It requires careful planning, mainly around the following aspects:

1. The air shower room is divided into single air shower room, double air shower room multi-person air shower room and air shower channel, etc. The warranty department does not know which type of air shower room to choose; usually the air shower room is delivered. Generally set to 15S blow shower once. For example, there are about 20 people in the clean room. If you want to control the passage within ten minutes, you can choose a single air shower room or a double air shower room: 15S peopletimes*3 people=45S, also That is to say, a single air shower can pass 3 people in one minute, and it can pass 20 people in about 7 minutes; if the time is to control 20 people to pass in 5 minutes, you should choose a double air shower or a multi-person air shower.

2. The blowing direction of the air shower room. The air shower room can be divided into single air shower room, double air shower room, and three air shower room according to the blowing method. In fact, it is not that the nozzle and direction of the air shower room increase, and the blowing effect will be better. These mainly depend on the fan parameters used by the air shower room manufacturer. There is a close relationship (the surface wind speed is generally greater than 20 meters per second); If the double blower shower room is equipped with only one fan, then the double blower will definitely have a higher wind speed than the three blower shower room, so the blowing effect is better than the three blower; if it is equipped with double blowers, the overall blowing effect of the employees is better. You can choose three blows.

3. The material selection of the air shower room is also the main factor determining the price of the air shower room. The material of the air shower room mainly includes three types: cold-rolled steel plate multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying, external cold plate internal stainless steel, and all stainless steel. The stainless steel material is resistant to strong acid and alkali. Multi-layer pickling electrostatic spraying of cold-rolled steel plate is more durable if it does not mess with the cabinet and the site where there is no strong acid and alkali; if the site is wet or there is acid and alkali gas To choose an all-stainless steel air shower room, on the contrary, you can also choose an air shower room made of cold rolled steel plate.

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