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How is a Cleanroom Panel Made

What we mean “cleanroom panel” here refers to hand-made sandwich panels with rockwool, hollow magnesium and rockwool&magnesium combined, EPS, PU as core materials.

How is a Cleanroom Panel Made

Someone may ask “you say hand-made sandwich panel, is there another type of sandwich panel? Yes, you are right!  Another type is what we call “machine-made” sandwich panel?  Here I wouldn’t like to give more introduction about the differences between these two panels. We will discuss it in future post.

In this post, I’d like to introduce how is a hand-made sandwich panel made?

Firstly, let’s see the exploded drawing of a hand-made sandwich panel.

Exploded Drawing of Hand-made Sandwich Panel

Exploded Drawing of Hand-made Sandwich Panel 

The reason why we call it “hand-made” is because every panel is applied glues manually between double-skin steel plates and the core materials. The panels are enclosed and strengthened by four profiled galvanized iron bars and four corner pieces which are prefabricated and assembled also manually. After glue application, the panels will be stacked and be loaded with very heavy metal staff, making the applied glue fully contact with and very adhesive to core materials.

Let’s see the following photos, you will see what I mean.

Step One:  Prefabricate the four-side metal bars and four corner pieces and connect them together with one-side steel plate.

Step Two:  Apply dedicated glues on the surface of steel plate

Step Three:  Put the rock wool blocks on the glued steel plate

Step Four:  Cover the other glued steel plate on the rock wool blocks

Step Five:  Repeat the above steps for the next panels on the former complete panel.  Why on the former complete panel? Because the weight of later panels will make the former steel plates and rock wool blocks fully contacted and more adhesive.

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