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Vulnerable Parts of Cleanroom Air Shower

An important piece of equipment in the air purification equipment industry is the air shower, which is now widely used in electronics, food packaging, chemical and other enterprises. As a user, the first consideration when choosing an air shower is the price, product quality, life span and how to maintain it.

Channel air shower

The editor will introduce to you the easily damaged parts of the air shower room for your reference when choosing the air shower room.

1. Material: The mainstream materials in the market are 304 stainless steel and steel plate baking varnish; the lesser materials are 201 stainless steel, aluminum-plastic plate, color steel plate and sandwich stainless steel plate, etc.;

2. Door: Stainless steel door and steel plate door are the mainstream at present; color steel plate and aluminum alloy door frame are not recommended, these materials are easy to crack and deform;

3. Photoelectric switch: Avoid choosing the switch of small brand manufacturers. The key part of the air shower room is the photoelectric switch. Poor quality can easily cause instability;

4. Control circuit board: Never choose a small business brand. The quality of a small business is difficult to guarantee, and it is difficult to buy and replace the model if it is broken;

5. The air shower room electric lock and the air shower room interlock are important guarantees for the air shower room interconnection lock. The air shower room without electronic interlock cannot meet the QS certification standards;

Therefore, the cost of the air shower room has a lot to do with the choice of accessories. Generally, in order to control the cost of the enterprise, apart from management, only work on materials. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose a strong and branded air shower room. Understand the detailed configuration of the air shower laboratory, which is convenient for the maintenance and maintenance of the air shower room in the future.

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