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What Is Air Shower Specifications

Air shower in clean room system is one of the familiar terms for any unit who is interested in this field. But there is a fact that not everyone can understand what an Air shower system is? How does it work? It is not difficult to understand because this device in our country is quite new and strange to many people. To help you understand more about this system in the article below will be the information for you to better understand this device.

What Is Air Shower Specifications

What is air shower?

Air shower is a term for an intermediate air bath, which is installed right in the middle of the dirty room and clean room with the effect of making all types of contaminants on people and fuels before giving enter the clean room. In addition, Air shower is a product designed to control strangers in the room to help keep the room a perfect level of criteria.

General Air Shower Specifications 

This generic air shower design specification describes a prefabricated modular enclosure to be used for removing surface particles from personnel prior to entering a Cleanroom work area.

The Air Shower shall be a high velocity, low pressure type system in accordance with Federal Standard 209E and Air Force Tech Order 00-25-203.

The Air Shower design will provide normal entrance to and exit from a contamination controlled area.

The workmanship and materials shall be professional quality and esthetically pleasing.

The Air Shower shall be assembled and tested in the factory, then disassembled for shipping and field assembly.

Air Shower Construction

The Air Shower shall be a completely self contained unit, equipped with air filtration systems, blowers, motors, controls, solid-state programmable microprocessor, interlocking doors, lighting, and pre-wired electrical panel.

All exterior and interior Air Shower surfaces shall be completely sealed with materials compatible with Class 1/10 cleanroom construction standards.

All visible surfaces shall be covered with high-pressure, white plastic laminate. Trim shall be clear anodized aluminum. Optional: Clad all visible surfaces with .040” clear anodized aluminum.

Air Shower interior air duct surface shall be completely covered with plastic laminate, Melamine laminate, clear anodized aluminum, or other suitable surface covering compatible with Class 1/10 Cleanroom environment.

Doors made from clear anodized aluminum and .25” tempered glass shall be used at the entry and exit of Air Cleanroom envelope.

Adjustable air nozzles shall be white plastic construction sized and spaced to provide average 7,000 fpm air flow at the face of the nozzle.

Return air registers shall be white baked enamel steel grilles, built into the Air Shower system's walls.

Interior ceilings shall include an appropriate number of air nozzles and a fluorescent light, or HEPA filters and lighting above a protective grille (on models with laminar flow ceilings).

Pre-drilled and capped sprinkler penetrations shall be provided.

Air Shower Filtration System

HEPA filters capable of removing 99.99% of dust particles to 0.3 microns in size (optional: ULPA 99.9995% on .12 micron) shall be used. Filter access is from above unit, or as specified.

Some cleanroom air shower design specifications include optional Constant Purge ceilings and shall have fan-powered HEPA filters mounted above a polystyrene egg crate diffuser panel. The Constant Purge feature shall add 6” to the standard cleanroom Air Shower height.

Replaceable pre-filters of 30% efficiency shall be used to maximize life of the absolute filters and shall be accessible from Air Shower interior, within return air grille(s).

Air Shower Control System

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) shall be used to control the sequence of operation of the cleanroom Air Shower.

An Emergency Off button (EMO) shall be located inside the Air Shower in a conspicuous location.

Activating the switch shall cause the cycle to immediately end, and release all interlocks. Lights shall remain on.

Door sensors shall be 24 volt DC magnetic reed switches. Door interlocks shall be 24 volt, located in the doorjamb at the top of the entrance and exit ways. All air shower locks shall automatically release upon loss of power or when the (EMO) button is pressed.

Principle of Air shower

The air shower operates when employees or other materials are brought in from outside to activate the gas nozzle system. These gases have been filtered through a HEPA filter, which speeds the air filtered through it extremely large with high velocity to completely remove dirt particles. This design has been carefully researched by creators at this speed, which will make all types of dirt almost completely removed on clothes. After that, all the filtered dirty air will be sucked back into the cabinet and circulated back to the chamber

Features of Air shower

- Air shower air nozzle is also designed with extremely high strength stainless steel that can be used for a long time and still achieve high performance. Durability is also confirmed by galvanizing to increase protection and prevent abrasion. This is an absolute advantage of this material compared to other common materials

- The part of Air shower is also fitted with insulated steel to prevent fouling easily in cleaning. This door system can also be changed according to customer needs.

- Part control system of Air shower is also one of the very important parts should be favored for a quite perfect design. Having a modernity, it is integrated with the system of signal lights of the door and can display quite a lot of parameters making the use more convenient. The device is also equipped with an emergency stop switch system that is reserved for complex incidents that occur suddenly.

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