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Customised All Types Of Food Factory Air Showers

Air shower clean room is a general part purification equipment which installed on the partition wall between clean room and non-clean room. It is used for shower and removing dust when personnel or objects entering into clean area. Shower can effectively reduce dust to enter into the clean area, to keep normal work state of clean room area. It is widely applied to food &drinking, electronic, medicine &health and other industry and scientific research field. Next, a brief introduction to food factory air shower.

Customised All Types Of Food Factory Air Showers

Food Factory Air Shower consists of cabinet, stainless steel door (cold steel), pre-filter, HEPA filter, pan, plenum chamber, nozzle, interlocking control panel, operation panel, sensing equipment, etc.

Food Factory Air Shower Product features

1. Adjustable 360° air shower nozzle.

2. Air shower time adjustable 0 to 99 seconds (selective assembly)

3. Novel structure,beautiful appearance,reliable operation, low energy consumption and energy saving, easy maintenance.

4. Can be configured to spray implements the automatic control, through the photoelectric sensor to realize two door interlock, automatic shutdown, operation becomes convenient.

In addition to raw materials design personnel of uncontrollable factors, in the production of food in the environment is clean in place, temperature controlled storage and transportation process is reasonable, the use of air shower purification equipment is safe and reliable, are directly related to the food safety and health, and these are the designers can not shirk responsibility. At the same time, for the food industry, such a labor-intensive industry, where the security is not only refers to food safety, but also in the process of food manufacturing staff safety.

With years of experience in production air shower for food factory, Kwang Purification can supply a wide range of air shower for food factory. air shower for food factory can meet many applications, if you need, please get our online timely service about air shower for food factory. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique air shower for food factory according to your specific needs.

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