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Customization Upon Request Clean Workshop Air Shower

The Clean Workshop Air Shower is a highly applicable partial beautification electronic device, added between the clean room and the non-clean room. When people and goods transport to step into the clean area, must be blown through the air shower room its blowing out clean water vapour, can remove the dust carried by people and goods transport. It is efficient in blocking or reducing the source of dust stepping into the clean area. The front and rear doors of the air shower room are separated by electronic parts, which can also play the role of an airlock to stop the unpurified wind flow from stepping into the clean area.

Customization Upon Request Clean Workshop Air Shower

A qualified Clean Workshop Air Shower inevitably contains an intelligent control system and an inductor blowing system.

Intelligent voice control Clean Workshop Air Shower, refers to the Clean Workshop Air Shower with audio prompt information control system. In the blowing shower by the voice control system prompts information to let people in order to complete the entire blowing shower drying to achieve efficient clean effect.

Intelligent voice control system features.

1, fully automatic control, electronic parts separation type, when blowing shower 360 ° blowing shower; LED indicates blowing shower time, covering a range of 0 ~ 99 seconds regulator, the internal use of progressive air channel vent, high wind, high efficiency.

2, humanized shortcut key design, clear command light command, giving clear command of the wind shower process, software touch-press type resistor.

3, high cleanliness, high wind power: the use of AAF primary, high efficiency filter two-stage filter control system, no baffle low resistance high efficiency filter, filter efficiency is: 99.99%, to ensure purification level. With full stainless steel multi-dimensional regulator combustion chamber, stainless steel shell outer rotor large air volume low noise fan.

Automatic sensor blowing control system, Clean Workshop Air Shower in general will use infrared line automatic sensor blowing control system. In general, the automatic sensor control system of the entire intelligent circuit board control system, as long as the detection of people standing in the sensor area, then automatically start all the ware, so as to achieve automatic blowing shower. The sensor principle can generally be divided into two categories, the first category is called photon infrared observation (sensor), the second category is called titanium dioxide infrared observation (sensor).

People and goods Air Showers

Air showers, in general, can also be divided into human and cargo showers, which can come with sterilisation functions and mostly use fluorescent germicidal lamp technology. A fluorescent germicidal lamp is actually a scrambled mercury lamp. Fluorescent germicidal lamps are used to kill bacteria by emitting fluorescence when the higher mercury freezing point is stimulated. As fluorescence kills cells, care must be taken not to directly irradiate human skin, especially the eyes, when sterilising fluorescent lamps, so this technology is mostly used in goods showers and not in people showers.

Structure configuration

1, automatic control: the use of PLC intelligent control means, shortcut keys on the LED display screen can correctly indicate the operation of the wind shower condition, open tent separation type condition, wind shower cycle progress and delay time open door condition. And with a one-way channel, from the non-clean area step in, only from the door out of the Clean Workshop Air Shower.

2, single person single blowing Clean Workshop Air Shower motherboard soft key touch resistor, LED indicates and set the blowing time, covering the range of 1-99s regulator, can adjust the blowing time according to the difference of the external environment of the Clean Workshop Air Shower.

3, Component structure: The Clean Workshop Air Shower box uses a component design scheme, which can be assembled into various lengths of air shower sizes according to actual needs. An Clean Workshop Air Shower is composed of one or more sections of air shower units, and for large volume of air shower electronic equipment, it can be split into multiple components, making production, transportation and retrofitting particularly convenient and quick.

4, high control, high sealing: the use of imported electronic parts components, stable and reliable operation control, advanced regenerative brake noise reducer control system, airtight control high.

Factors affecting the air of the Clean Workshop Air Shower.

1. The personnel working in the clean room should work in strict accordance with the operating rules of the clean room. The doors and windows of the clean room should be closed at all times. There should be a buffer zone for people and items between the clean room and non-clean rooms, with wind bath equipment to prevent airflow convection. Persons not related to production should not be allowed to enter the clean room.

2. The number of times the clean room is ventilated and the air supply from the air conditioning and purification system is the main internal factor to maintain the positive pressure and cleanliness of the clean room, but is limited by the final resistance of the filters of the purification system at all levels.

3. Periodic requirements for the equipment in the clean room. Regularly. The materials and cleaning liquids used in the cleaning are in accordance with the clean room management regulations.

4. For the user, the cleanliness of the clean room is their main focus of concern. The greater source of pollution in a clean room in operation is the people and objects entering the clean room. Dust particles generated in production are also another cause of cleanliness in the room.

5. A reasonable diversion of human and logistic flows is important to maintain the cleanliness of the Clean Workshop Air Shower. Before entering the clean room, do people change their clothes, do their clothes meet the standards of clean management norms, do some of the production processes require high cleanliness to shower before entering; do they change their packaging before entering the clean room, do the replacement materials meet the clean room standards, etc.

These are some of the knowledge of the Clean Workshop Air Shower, want to know more can contact our customer service.

Customization Upon Request Clean Workshop Air Shower Technical Parameters

Kwang KW-AS Series Clean Workshop Air Shower Spec Sheet
MaterialAvailable in 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel and/or High-Quality 1.2 mm Cold-Rolled Steel Plate
Air Shower Time0- 99s (Adjustable)
Number of Nozzle12(Two Sides)24(Two Sides)36(Two Sides)48(Two Sides)
Mouth Diameter of NozzleΦ30mm
Air Velocity> 25 m/s
Door CloserDorma (German) Door Closer
Electronic LockLCJ Electronic Lock
Filter Efficacy≥99.995% of Particles ≥0.3μm
Control PanelSUS304 frame, LCD display, PLC control system
High Efficiency AirFilter Size(mm)600 × 600 × 120
Exterior Size(mm)1400 x 1000
x 2100
1400 x 2000
x 2100
1400 x 3000
x 2100
1400 x 4000
x 2100
                  Interior Size(mm)          800 x 900
x 1960
800 x 1900
x 1960
800 x 2900
x 1960
800 x 3900
x 1960
Power Source380V, 50HZ, we can made nonstandard voltage for different country
Lighting1 Recessed LED2 Recessed LED3 Recessed LED4 Recessed LED
Maximum PowerConsumption1.1KW2.2KW3.3KW4.4KW

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