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What are the Environment Considerations When Installing a Cleanroom Project

In fact, it is necessary to carefully consider the location of the installation of cleanroom engineering. In fact, just like when we choose residential locations, there are different differences between different locations. It is best to live in a place with convenient transportation, good sunlight and less pollution. In the same way, the location of the clean project is also very important.

What are the Environment Considerations When Installing a Cleanroom Project

Regarding the installation and clean engineering environment, the editor recommends the following factors to be considered.

1. Locations with better air

Relatively speaking, the air environment is very important for the installation of clean projects. It can be a good foundation for the environmental foundation of the purification project. If it is an environment with poor air, the efficiency of air purification will undoubtedly be greatly reduced, and Many factors will affect the quality of the product.  

2. Locations close to demand such as humidity and temperature

For installation clean engineering, temperature and humidity are also very important. If the temperature, humidity and other conditions in the air are more suitable, it will undoubtedly reduce the purification time, not only speed up the efficiency, but also save money in the long run.  

3. Keep away from pollution sources Not only for the external air environment, but also for some ground contaminated areas, etc., it is necessary to stay far away to ensure that the area where the clean project is installed is easier to be purified to the greatest extent.

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