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Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room is a special channel that goods or materials must go through before entering the clean room. It minimizes the pollution of equipment or products by removing dust and dirt particles on personnel and goods, blocks dust sources into the clean area, and creates a good sterile environment for the clean room. It is mainly used in food, automotive, pharmaceutical, aerospace and laboratory dust-free space.

Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

Cargo air showers are frequently put to use in a variety of manufacturing environments. Cargo air showers offer a convenient and automated solution to cleaning the surfaces of work in progress or finished goods, as well as provide a buffer area between two areas of different cleanliness. 

Kwang Cargo Air Shower is available in different materials: full Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel Interior. With patented air shower design technologies that which ensures a clean seal that prevents contaminant seepage, it can educe large amounts of dust particles brought by staff, and includes 360-degree air jet nozzles that work at more than 25 m/s. with automatic air showering type and clear working indication lights that easy operation.

Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room Product feature

Safe sensor settings Automatic sliding door can avoid pinch, even if someone forced to pull the door will not appear disorder the procedure; 

Automatic roller door can be set to automatically open or manual open, applying with fault tips and automatic alarm function. 

Quality matetrial 

1.Use the high quality cold-rolled steel sheet with epoxy powder coated or stainless steel, wear-resisting ground steel plate, stainless steel nozzle, have good corrosion resistance and rust resistance. 

2.Use transparent window and LED electronic lighting, better lighting and less energy. Breakthrough 

2.1.Intelligent control chip: Two-door electronic interlock to prevent cross-infection and to achieve sealing requirements. Built-in shutter door control core chip can open or jog open automatically, all input signals can be parameter real-time monitoring, with a key to restore factory defaults function, setting and faults have prompted or alarm function, convenient and timely maintenance, also with infrared probe , transparent window, infrared induction blowing, clear indicator light, emergency stop switch. 

2.2.Modular design, convenient assembly and transportation.

3.Good sealing, high filtration efficiency: Adopting EVA sealing material, high sealing performance; using pre-filter and HEPA filter two-stage filtration system, filter effect is guaranteed.

Fast Rolled Shutter Door Cargo Air Shower Room

- Cargo Air Shower Specification

1.Material: SUS304, thickness: 1.2mm

2.Outer size(mm):2600W*3000D*3450H

3.Inner size(mm):2000W*3000D*3000H

4.Air shower nozzle: mirror stainless steel nozzle, 78pcs, embedded insallation, distributed on left & right sides, rotating nozzle

5.Purify fan: special purify centrifugal low noise fan, 6 sets, 1.1KW/Set

6.Blowing speed: double blow, 25-30m/s, high wind speed to ensure the showing effect

7.Showing time: EVIEW touch- screen, showing shower time (0-99S adjustable)

8.Control system: PLC system, procedures can be customized according to requirements, with OTS fault display function (fault code is displayed directly on the screen)

9.Control panel: 7.1 inch smart ENGLISH touch screen, touch-screen with two level password protection measures to prevent ary set of employees

10.Filter fficiency: three level fiter, primary and medium prefiter G4 (5um), 595*295*22mm, washable, primary filter is made and punched from the main plate of the air shower room, beautiful and strong, high air permeability.

11.HEPA filter: 99.99% filter efficiency, filter installation is smooth, firm, filter & frame and frame & wall panel is no leakage, medium efficiency filter and frame use EVA seal.

12.llumination: embedded 9W Philips LED lamp, 6pcs, with function of time delay

13.Body main material: inside and outside use 1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel, brushed surface, food and medical special grade

14.Sealing performance: making fine and beautiful. The assembly structure is adopted, the sealing strip is added at the joint. After the installation of the whole equipment, there is no leakage

15.Doors: Rapid rolling door opening mode is optional. Electrical appliances use PLC control program, double doors to achieve electronic interlock

16.Power supply:380V 50Hz, 3Phase

17.Main electrical components: Schneider air switch, and Schneider

18.Sealant: USA "DOW CORNING" neutral sealant, environmental protection, no smell

19.Safety measures: inside and out of the door electric control box installed red "rush stop" button, in an emergency, press the button, the system power break, double doors at the same time open for escape

20.Installation: Customer install on site

If you have any requirement, please feel free to contact us.  

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