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Automatic Industrial Sliding Doors are especially well suited to covered car parks, aircraft hangars and industrial units with high traffic flows, since they offer convenient operation with appropriate safety levels. Kwang Door Systems is delighted to assist with your construction project or upgrades of existing buildings. 

Kwang sliding doors can be installed as single-leaf or double-leaf sliding door systems. Both versions, along with folding leaf doors, are also suitable for use in buildings with high opening rates of over 300 openings a day. These include garages, multistorey car parks, parking halls and industrial units. The door can weigh up to 2,500 kg. Installation takes up a minimum of space and can be adapted to the specifics of your building and door thanks to a wide variety of installation options.


Industrial Sliding Door drive unit

The TÜV-approved industrial sliding door drive unit is extremely reliable in continuous operation (one million cycles). Our universal hand-held remote control can be used for convenientand comfortable vehicle access. Safety sensors prevent the sliding door from closing accidentally when people or vehicles are in the way of the door. An integrated 20 W lamp provides sufficient illumination. The tractive force of the door drive unit is 500 N.

Door leaf material

You have complete freedom in choosing the door material: different types of slats, ventilation grilles or solid timber panels – every door can be designed to suit your specific requirements and ideas, allowing your sliding door to blend seamlessly into your architectural designs.

Do you have questions about the Kwang industrial sliding door systems?

How much does a sliding door cost? How does an electric sliding door work? What do I need to bear in mind? – For questions like these, please contact our support team. More information on every aspect of our sliding doors can also be found

We offer industrial sliding door systems for industrial. Our products are made from top-quality materials which makes them extremely durable. Compact track and hanger design enables moving heavy loads without compromising safety or operational lightness. These sliding door systems are particularly suitable for industrial buildings, large halls and aircraft hangers. If you need sliding door systems for demanding conditions, we offer a wide range of Stainless steel products.

We’re happy to assist you both prior to construction and in the implementation phase.

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