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Cheap Price Class 100 Clean Room Food Industry Air Shower

Class 100 Clean Room Food Industry Air Shower for persons. Self-supporting equipment especially designed for maximum dust particle removal from persons by kinetic action in the final stage of entry to highly classified areas. The self-supporting solution allows easy installation in clean rooms.

Manufacturer of Cheap Price Class 100 Clean Room Food Industry Air Shower. Available in a variety of sizes. Features vary depending upon model, including adjustable microprocessors, magnetic interlocks, LED interior lightings, inspection panels, HEPA filters, prefilters and return air grilles. Serves the pharmaceutical, aerospace, government, healthcare, electronic, semiconductor, optical and research lab industries.

Kwang Class 100 Clean Room Food Industry Air Shower Features:

Equipped with a control system based on a Siemens PLC to allow the configuration of a validable air shower cycle. Maximum particles retaining with HEPA filter.

Standard finishes in SUS 304 stainless steel.

Tempered glass doors.

Internal lighting with LED technology.

Ventilation system with high efficiency EC fans.

HEPA filter cell, H-14 effectiveness.

Long-reach spherical and orientable high induction nozzles made of stainless steel.

Flush finishes inside and out.

Return grille at the bottom of the same material as the shower’s interior finishes, with built-in pre-filter, F-6 effectiveness.

Interior and exterior emergency buttons.

Class 100 Clean Room Food Industry Air Shower Technical Parameters

Kwang KW-AS Series Air Shower Spec Sheet
MaterialAvailable in 100% SUS304 Stainless Steel and/or High-Quality 1.2 mm Cold-Rolled Steel Plate
Air Shower Time0- 99s (Adjustable)
Number of Nozzle12(Two Sides)24(Two Sides)36(Two Sides)48(Two Sides)
Mouth Diameter of NozzleΦ30mm
Air Velocity> 25 m/s
Door CloserDorma (German) Door Closer
Electronic LockLCJ Electronic Lock
Filter Efficacy≥99.995% of Particles ≥0.3μm
Control PanelSUS304 frame, LCD display, PLC control system
High Efficiency AirFilter Size(mm)600 × 600 × 120
Exterior Size(mm)1400 x 1000
x 2100
1400 x 2000
x 2100
1400 x 3000
x 2100
1400 x 4000
x 2100
                  Interior Size(mm)          800 x 900
x 1960
800 x 1900
x 1960
800 x 2900
x 1960
800 x 3900
x 1960
Power Source380V, 50HZ, we can made nonstandard voltage for different country
Lighting1 Recessed LED2 Recessed LED3 Recessed LED4 Recessed LED
Maximum PowerConsumption1.1KW2.2KW3.3KW4.4KW

The air shower clean room has a knock-down design that allows ease-of-installation and flexibility in use. The air shower can be shipped knowcked down or completely assembled. When it is shipped knock-down all parts fit through a standard door. All service to the blower, motor and filters is done from inside the air shower. The unit also offers an optional design that allows all the installation assembly to be done from inside the air shower.

Kwang Purification is proud to offer examples of a variety of our air shower projects below. Stainless Steel Air Shower, Cargo Air Shower, Automatic Door Air Shower, Corner Air Shower, Multi User Stainless Steel Air Shower, Air Shower With Sole Cleaning System.

Kwang Purification is a leading manufacturer of clean room products we can provide you one stop solution for all your requirements about clean room. If any question or requirement, feel free to contact me, I will try my best to offer you good advice and solution.

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