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What are the usage specifications of a cleanroom?

In industry or medicine, in order to control indoor pollution, we need to establish a cleanroom. The purification workshop can filter, distribute and optimize the air. The concentration of airborne particles can be controlled to achieve an appropriate level of particle cleanliness. The purification workshop is also divided into many levels due to factors such as the regional environment and the degree of purification. So what are the specifications when we use the purification workshop.


The use specifications of the purification workshop have the following seven points:

First: stipulate that the purification system should be operated for at least 1 hour before each experiment, and the purification table and UV lamp should be turned on at the same time.

Second: The basic requirements for items entering the clean room (sterile room): All items entering the clean room (sterile room) must first be disinfected and sterilized with disinfectant on the external surface in the first buffer room, and then pass through the logistics buffer room, The transfer window is more than 1h, and the sterile air is blown dry and then sent to the sterile room. Note that items with fibers and dust-prone items should not be brought into the purification laboratory. Fixed objects in the sterile room shall not be moved out at will.

Third: Requirements for personnel entering the purification workshop (sterile room): experimenters are not allowed to make up, wear watches, rings and other jewelry when entering the purification workshop (sterile room); they are not allowed to eat or chew gum. You should clean your hands and enter the first buffer room to change clothes. At the same time, put on sterile isolation slippers, take off your coat, disinfect your hands with a disinfectant, put on sterile gloves, and put on a sterile hood (do not expose your hair, clothes, etc.) Outside), put on a sterile mask. Then, change or put on a second pair of sterile gloves, and change a second pair of sterile isolation slippers when entering the second buffer room. Then enter the sterile room after 30s air shower in the air shower room.

Fourth: Requirements for temperature and humidity observation: Observe whether the temperature and humidity displayed on the thermometer and hygrometer are within the specified range, and record it as the original experimental data. If a problem is found, the reason should be found in time, repair and report to the laboratory supervisor in time, and the reason and result of the repair report should be recorded on file. 

Fifth: Settling colony count and planktonic bacteria determination requirements: At the same time as each experiment, the operation room and laminar flow table are counted for microbial settlement colonies, and the results are recorded in the use register, and recorded in the experimental report as the original data of the experimental environment on. Once a week, or when necessary for sterility inspections, the operation room and clean bench shall be tested for planktonic bacteria at the same time in each experiment, and the results shall be recorded in the use register, and recorded in the experimental report as the original data of the experimental environment .

Sixth: Disinfection requirements: in the sterile room every week and before each operation, use 0.1% cresol solution or 2% cresol solution or other suitable disinfectant (commonly used disinfectants are: 5-20 times diluted iodophor aqueous solution, 0.1 % Triceramide solution, 1:50 84 disinfectant, 75% ethanol solution, 3% iodine solution, 5% carbolic acid (lysol) disinfectant solution, 2% glutaraldehyde aqueous solution, paraben ethanol disinfectant (prescription: Methylparaben 21.5g; Propylparaben 8.6g, 75% ethanol 10ml), etc., the type of disinfectant used and use must be validated before it can be used, and the type of disinfectant should be replaced regularly) Wipe The operating table and the dead corners that may be contaminated are cleaned with sterile gauze soaked in disinfectant solution to clean the entire inner surface, top surface, and sterile room, people flow, logistics, buffer room floor, transfer window, and door handle of the ultra-clean table. The cleaning and disinfection procedure should be from the inside to the outside, from the high clean area to the low clean area. Gradually exit the clean area outwards. Then turn on the sterile air filter and UV lamp for 1-2 hours to kill the remaining microorganisms. After each operation, wipe the work surface with the above-mentioned disinfecting solution to remove indoor humidity, and sterilize with an ultraviolet lamp for 30 minutes.

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