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Clean Room Air Shower Room Blowing System

Air showers are usually used in conjunction with clean rooms. The purpose of using a air shower room is to ensure that people entering the clean room do not carry any dust and other impurities, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the clean room.

Clean Room Air Shower Room Blowing System

Clean room air shower room blowing system:

Dust-free clean room air shower room, air shower room is a clean plant and assembly clean room equipment, used to blow away the dust attached to the surface of the human body and carrying items entering the clean plant, while the air shower room also plays the role of an airlock to prevent the unpurified air from entering the clean area, is an effective device for human purification and prevention of outside air pollution of the clean area.

Structure: series of air shower room are equipped with foam heat insulation colorful wall panels and aluminum alloy components, configured with centrifugal machine fan and primary and high efficiency air filter with beautiful appearance, compact structure, easy maintenance, simple operation and other characteristics.

Clean room air shower room principle.

Air in the air shower room by the role of the fan through the primary filter into the static pressure box, filtered by the high efficiency air filter, clean air from the air shower room nozzle high-speed spray, nozzle angle can be adjusted, can effectively blow the dust attached to the surface of the person special or carry goods, blow down the dust and then recycled into the primary air filter, so the cycle can achieve the purpose of wind shower.

Clean room clean room air shower room use and characteristics:

The air shower room is a personal purification device used when the operator enters the clean room, it uses high speed clean airflow to blow off the dirt on the person entering the room, and its nozzle can be adjusted so as to effectively remove the dust on the person and prevent outside pollution from entering the clean area. It can also be applied to the blowing shower of large goods.

Clean room clean room air shower room equipment composition.

The air shower room is mainly composed of chamber body, lighting, filtration system, wind unit, blowing nozzle, controller and other parts.

1, the room body: wall plate using color steel insulation board, its inner and outer plate are color steel plate, the middle filling 60mm thick polystyrene material, PU foam continuous molding; inner and outer plate and insulation material whole pressed into one. The size of the personnel entering and leaving the gate is (width × height) mm: 790 × 1860.

2, indoor lighting: installed in the room at the top of the body of the lighting lamp, lamp using Philips efficient light source, both safe and energy efficient and easy to maintain, ballast using a special ballast spray room to ensure that the light intensity ≥ 500Lx.

3, air supply and exhaust system.

a, the configuration of the exhaust air supply program using 1 set of fan sets, configured with a fan, the fan uses centrifugal fans. The use of 1 set of exhaust air unit for the room body exhaust air.

b, universal nozzle: indoor air is set at the top and side of the room body of the universal nozzle blowing to different corners of the operator to ensure clean quality.

c. Control system: Imported or joint venture components are used to make the whole control system with high reliability.

The operation procedure of the air shower room:

Purpose: to maintain the safe use of the air shower and maintain the cleanliness of the clean room environment.

Use of the air shower room.

1, Personnel entering the clean and clean room should take off their outer clothes in the outer changing room, except for watches, cell phones, accessories and other items.

2, Enter the inner dressing room and put on clean dust-free clothes, hats, masks and gloves.

3, pull open the stainless steel air shower door personnel into the air shower room, air shower door immediately and automatically close the outer door, infrared (sound control / human heat) induction, air shower automatically start, blowing shower 15 seconds (factory has been set). Note: air shower room in the blowing shower two stainless steel doors can not be opened at the same time, such as forcibly open will damage the electronic lock, air shower room two doors are electronic interlock control.

4, the end of the air shower room blowing shower, push open the door into the clean clean room.

Management of the air shower room.

1, the air shower room is managed by the responsible person, and the primary filter material is replaced regularly every quarter.

2, every 2 years to replace the air shower room high efficiency filter (with a partition).

3, should lightly open and close the air shower room inside and outside the door.

4, in the use of the process of personnel please do not touch the switch, and adjust the intelligent voice prompt system.

5, in the event of air shower room failure, should promptly turn off the emergency stop switch, professional maintenance personnel repair. Generally not allowed to start the manual button.

Choosing a good quality air shower room is as critical as choosing to buy a house. Because the air shower room is the way that workers must go through to enter the clean room and non-clean room. According to the air shower room, it can remove a lot of floating dust objects produced by people or goods entering and leaving the clean room more strongly and reasonably, and thus ensure the cleanliness level of the clean room.

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