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Cleanroom Steel Door For Pharmaceutical Industry

In the past, most engineering companies used a traditional on-site construction technology, which resulted in high labor costs and long construction periods. Now there are cleanroom steel doors that directly reduce and shorten the construction period. It is a door that can be directly used for assembly. The door leaf is directly buckled or welded by steel plates. The door frames are mostly custom steel frames with a surface Electrostatic resin powder spraying has a simpler design and looks more beautiful and atmospheric. As a professional manufacturer of cleanrooms, Kwang tells everyone why cleanroom steel doors are so popular?

Cleanroom Steel Door For Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Wide use environment

Cleanroom steel doors have high strength, are not easily deformed under normal external forces, are strong and durable, and are not afraid of water erosion. Hospitals and clean workshops are usually crowded. Ordinary color steel doors have a high probability of collision and scratches, so cleanroom steel doors are especially suitable for use in public environments such as electronics and medical treatment.

2. Durable

The cleanroom steel door uses a steel frame inside and is filled with honeycomb. It is lighter than ordinary solid wood doors, is not easy to corrode, and is more durable. It is very convenient to transport and install, and it greatly reduces the drop limit of the door during use. It is not easy to produce the consequence of falling and unable to close due to long-term use.

3. Beautiful style

The cleanroom steel doors come in various styles and colors. Different styles and colors of cleanroom doors can be produced according to the characteristics of customer requirements, so that the entire space is rendered more beautiful and generous. Different colors will bring customers better mood.

4. Quick installation

For dealers, the advantage of the cleanroom steel door is that it is easy to install, and two workers can quickly install it in place. The operation is convenient, simple and fast. The steel door of the ward that does not need to open the lock hole is even less work. The program can be easily installed in place.

5. Economical price

A particularly important point is that the price of cleanroom steel doors is affordable, and it is also affordable by most public construction units. This is also one of the reasons why steel doors are relatively popular. According to the industry, in the next 3-5 years, Sales of clean steel doors will continue to soar.

6. Green and environmental protection

Because the materials used in cleanroom steel doors are all non-toxic materials, installation and use can be green, healthy and environmentally friendly, so this is also one aspect of the door body that relevant departments strongly recommend.

The cleanroom steel door has its own advantages and disadvantages due to its material and manufacturing process. As long as we avoid installing it in a complex outdoor environment during the selection process, pay attention to appropriate protection measures during use. Its advantages are compared with wooden doors, Resin doors are more prominent, so these six characteristics are also an important reason why cleanroom steel doors will become a boom in hospital doors.

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