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Cleanroom Air Showers And Air Shower Tunnels

The basic air shower version is designed for one person. Air shower is equipped with an insulated chamber with its own motor fan in which air circulates through a HEPA (ULPA) filter and is directed at high velocity via two rows of nozzles and one nozzle on top at a person in the chamber. To achieve an optimal personnel flow the modular designed Air Shower Tunnels can be put together to air showers of different sizes. The Air Shower Tunnels offers a high cleaning effect and is designed for all cleanroom classes.

Cleanroom Air Showers And Air Shower Tunnels

Air with particles freed from personnel body is drawn in through a pre-filter, protected by a suction grille, and guided through a duct to the suction opening of the motor fan. Personnel can enter and leave air shower through a pair of doors that block each other.

The operation of air showers is controlled by software running on a PLC Siemens Logo! 

with display. The control panel is located inside the air shower above the suction grille. The switch box is located in the ceiling interspace and is accessible after opening of ceiling panel

Kwang's Air Showers and Air Shower Tunnels remove surface-deposited particles from personnel as they enter and exit a cleanroom or other controlled environment. These units are rated to exceed ISO 5 particle count standards.

Air Showers use one and Air Shower Tunnels use two or more HEPA Filtration System Blower Module(s) to achieve this contaminant removal.

The Blower Module circulates air at a very high speed (up to 8,000 feet per minute) through 1”-diameter nozzles positioned throughout the interior walls and ceiling of the Air Showers/Air Shower Tunnels. Each nozzle can be adjusted to control the direction of the air flow. A high-capacity HEPA filter (rated to be 99.99% efficient @ 0.3-micron particles and installed with a closed-cell gasket) captures contaminants before air is forced through the nozzles.

The Air Shower is equipped with electro-magnetic interlocks that keep both doors locked during the operation cycle to prevent outside disturbance and contamination. After the cycle, both doors will unlock to allow entry and exit. The cycle can then commence again after a delay time has passed.

There are two oversized mushroom-head Emergency Stop Buttons (1 located inside and 1 located outside the Air Showers/Air Shower Tunnels). Either button cuts power to the Blower Module(s), stops the blower cycle and allows either door to be opened.

Low-energy and low-voltage 24V LED lights are positioned along the ceiling of the Air Showers/Air Shower Tunnels. Operation is controlled by a switch on the PLC touch screen control panel located on the exterior of the unit.

Customers may also opt for their Air Shower/Tunnel order to be shipped disassembled for easier transport through standard doorways or more space-restrictive access areas.

Kwang strongly recommends that installation work and electrical wiring be done by licensed and qualified person(s) in compliance with all applicable codes and standards, including fire-rated construction. 

Unpack all system components and check for damaged or missing parts. Refer to the components list to determine the correct quantity of parts. Any damage should be reported to the shipping company immediately. Contact Kwang if any parts are missing. 

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