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The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

Air Shower Tunnel is an airborne pollutants barrier between clean room and the worker's gowning area and prevents accidental contamination due to the unwanted or improper opening of the doors.

It effectively removes the surface lint and particulates on the workers and their garments and completely drives them down to the breeze air circulating filtration system.

The Role And Design Of Air Shower Tunnel

They are available in a very wide variety of sizes and shapes, such as using a combination of straight, right or left angle, and U shapes, to provide a cleaning system to meet your specific application requirements.

Personnel air showers minimize the transfer of dust particles

on cleanroom clothing into cleanrooms. Exyte Technology offers Rotation Air Showers for rooms with low frequency and Tunnel Air Showers for the entering of several persons at the same time.

To achieve an optimal personnel flow the modular designed Tunnel Air Showers can be put together to air showers of different sizes. The Tunnel Air Shower offers a high cleaning effect and is designed for all cleanroom classes.

For high frequentation

Individual modules in plug-and-play design for various cleanroom-lock combinations

High cleaning effect

Individual setting of the cleaning duration

Constructive Design

The Tunnel Air Shower consists of single modules that can be set in pairs opposite each other, and – depending on the required size – set in rows. They can be easily integrated into existing cleanroom systems. The length and width of a module is adapted to the filter ceiling or raised floor grid of 600 mm. Each module has a pressure chamber and a suction chamber. The main components of the pressure chamber are the housing 1a with two vertical nozzle rows 1b and a HEPA filter cell 1c. The suction chamber with housing includes an inlet grid, a prefilter and a radial fan. After opening the spagnolets and removing the housing walls, the pressure and suction chambers are easily accessible from the inside.

The Tunnel Air Shower comes standard with safety glass doors on the grey room and cleanroom side for installation in the cleanroom wall. On request the modules are equipped with an air cooler to compensate for the fan heat. The installation of an air cooler is especially recommended when the module is set up outside the cleanroom. The modules are made of powder-coated steel or stainless steel.

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