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Industrial Fast Rolling Door Air Shower For Clean Room

The fast rolling door air shower room is specially used for the clean and clean workshop to prevent the mutual circulation of indoor and outdoor air and to remove the dust on the surface of the object, so as to avoid bringing the pollution source into the clean workshop. It has many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, insect prevention, windproof, dustproof, sound insulation, fire prevention, odor prevention, lighting, etc. It can meet the requirements of high-performance logistics and clean places, and save energy. Better working environment and so on.

Industrial Fast Rolling Door Air Shower For Clean Room

The fast rolling door air shower room is suitable for different environments:

1. Access door, clean workshop.

2. High frequency switching environment.

3. Light industry, food industry, electronics, medicine, warehousing, packaging, printing, chemical industry.

4. High frequency switching environment.

Quick Roller Door Cargo Shower and Quick Roller Door Air Shower Roller Shutter Door Color Options:

Red, orange, yellow, white, blue or fully transparent, etc. The perspective window can be rectangular or oval, which increases the performance advantages of safety and convenient management.

Performance Characteristics 

1. The fans in the air shower room/cargo shower room can be equipped with multiple protections such as overheating, overcurrent, short circuit and malicious use. Safe & Reliable Performance

2. Emergency buttons are set inside and outside the air shower/cargo shower to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment in emergency situations

3. The control system is divided into two types: Standard Configuration and High Configuration for customers to choose. The standard configuration is a touch panel, which has a simple appearance and must be have complete functions and low cost; The high-end configuration is Siemens touch screen and PLC control. The control process can be customized and modified according to the different requirements of customers. The touch screen is easy to use, complete in functions, stable and reliable

4. The aluminum alloy automatic swing door can be opened electrically. The interlocking access control is controlled by a programmable controller. The door type is made of aluminum alloy, and the doors and windows are tempered glass.

Entering the air shower room, the controller immediately opens the entrance door and starts blowing shower, the interlocking door is controlled by the programmable controller, the emergency interruption switch is superior to the interlocking and open air shower door, the large-scale automatic stacking rolling shutter door, the transmission mechanism motor is a high-speed motor , The rolling shutter door of the cargo shower room has its own safety (protection) system.

The bottom of the door body is in contact with the sensing edge, and the semi-automatic hand crank can be lifted in the event of a power failure (or power failure) (customized according to customer requirements).

5. The air shower/cargo shower box implements the master-slave modular structure design, and meets the customer's needs through different combinations. Different Shower Air Speed

6. The air shower clean room/cargo shower room has its own pressure relief device to prevent the fan from being over-pressed and causing the temperature to rise too high. Security Risks

7. Automatic door induction blowing shower system: Japan OMRON brand photoelectric sensor switch is used, with stable and reliable performance, to ensure that the blowing and showering process of personnel entering the clean room is carried out normally, so as to achieve the most effective blowing and showering effect.

8. Lighting system: 220V LED lighting, long service life, high irradiation intensity, small size, low energy consumption, etc.

9. Voice prompt system: The air shower room has its own voice function and humanized design. Users can operate according to the voice prompt requirements, so as to achieve the best blowing effect.

China Kwang Purification factory specializes in the production of high-speed rolling door air showers, and users can customize different sizes of high-speed rolling door air showers according to their needs!

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