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Cautions When You Use The Air Shower

Although the principle of the air shower is simple, there are also some precautions when using it.

UV germicidal lamp and infrared automatic sensing

UV germicidal lamp is actually a low pressure mercury lamp. Low-pressure mercury lamp is the use of lower mercury vapor pressure is excited and emit ultraviolet light, the emission line there are two: one is 253.7nm wavelength; the other is 185nm wavelength, both of which are invisible to the naked eye UV. Because UV will kill cells, so UV disinfection should be careful not to direct exposure to human skin, especially the eyes, UV germicidal lamp light when not looking directly at the lamp, the shortwave UV rays do not pass through the ordinary glass, wearing glasses can be avoided Eyes hurt. 

Air shower infrared automatic sensing Air shower refers to the infrared sensor and the other end of the light sense of cut off, the entire intelligent circuit board system detects people standing in the sensing area automatically start all devices, so as to achieve automatic blowing shower. 

Therefore, the use of ultraviolet germicidal lamp air shower should not be open for a long time UV germicidal lamp, set the switch to turn on the UV germicidal lamp to protect the operator to reduce human injury.

Cautions When You Use The Air Shower

Security points

Air shower room is the necessary access to clean room, it can reduce the pollution caused by entering and leaving the clean room to reduce the large amount of dust particles due to human and goods come in and out from the clean room entrance to install a fully functional "air brake Chamber "can reduce the amount of air pollution particles, when the human cargo through the air shower, contaminated particles are highly efficient filtration of highly clean air jet, 25m / s and above the high wind speed to ensure effective injection and drift particles after the initial effect And efficient two filters basically filtered out. In order to maintain the safe use of air shower, clean room to maintain the cleanliness of the environment.

1. Into a clean room should be outside the locker room to remove the coat, except for watches, cell phones, jewelry and other items.

2. Into the locker room, wear clean clothes, hats, masks, gloves.

3. Open stainless steel air shower door into the air shower room, the air shower door immediately closed automatically, infrared sensor, air shower start automatically, blowing shower 15 seconds.

Factors which effect the airflow of air shower:

1. Clean room workers in strict accordance with the clean room operating rules to work. Clean room doors and windows should be closed at any time, the clean room and non-clean room personnel and items should be transferred between the buffer zone, and air bath equipment to stop the convection of air flow, production-related personnel not Into the clean room.

2. The number of clean room ventilation and air purification system air supply is to maintain clean room positive pressure and cleanliness of the main internal, but it is subject to the purification system at all levels of the filter end resistance constraints.

3. clean room equipment requires regular, regular, scheduled cleaning and maintenance, cleaning materials and cleaning liquids used in clean room management requirements.

4. The cleanliness of the clean room for users is their most concerned about the focus of the operation of the clean room is the largest source of pollution and into the clean room items, dust particles produced in the production also affect the indoor cleanliness Another reason.

5. The rational flow of people and logistics diversion to maintain the cleanliness of the air shower room has an important significance. People into the clean room before the change clothes shower, dress is in line with the norms of clean management standards, a number of special production processes require high cleanliness personnel before entering the bath; things into the clean room is replaced Packaging blowing shower, the replacement of the material is in line with clean room standards and so on.

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