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Provide The Best Environmentally Friendly Sandwich Panel For Clean Room

Kwang purification has the most advanced sandwich panel production line, which can produce polyphenylene (EPS), rock wool, polyurethane(PU), Aluminium honeycomb,glass wool and other core materials for panels. 

H-color steel plate and corrugated sandwich panel, punched rock wool color steel plate (drying) room for special drying tunnels, which can provide the best environmentally friendly sandwich panels for clean rooms. 

Kwang polystyrene sandwich panel

Polystyrene Sandwich panel(also called EPS Sandwich Panel)

Polystyrene is self-extinguishing. EPS Sandwich Panel has excellences of light weight(1/20-1/30 of concrete), heat insulation, rapid construction speed(operate without humidity and needn't repeated fitment). It is a new type protection structural material, congregates bearing, heat preservation and water resistance.

Surface Material:pre-coated steel sheet

Advantage:no dust accumulation,easy clean,anti-fire,sound and heat insulation

Surface Material:melamine

Advantage:wear resistance,scratch resistance,anti-collision,antiseptic and corrosion


1.The steel used is galvanized, higher quality.

2.The thickness of the paint is 20um, compared with 8um currently on the market, it is more difficult to fade.

3.PE film on surface is available or carton protect.And it is easy to take off from the panel

What is rock wool sandwich panel?

Rock wool sandwich panel is a sandwich panel made from rock wool. Rock wool sandwich panels give full play to the unique properties of rock wool core materials, and have significant effects on fire prevention, thermal insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation.


1. Excellent fire resistance: The raw materials, production technology and formula used in the rock wool sandwich panel make it have good fire resistance.

2. Good thermal insulation: The thermal insulation performance of rock wool sandwich panels is calculated based on the thermal conductivity of rock wool=0.043W/㎡K and the thickness of the rock wool core material in the corresponding proportion.

3. The sound absorption and heat insulation effect is remarkable: Sound insulation: Rock wool sandwich panels can significantly reduce noise transmission, especially suitable for places where designated flights pass. In addition, after the use of rock wool roof panels, rain and hail impact on the roof steel plates of the building and cause indoor noise, which is also significantly reduced.

Sound absorption: clean room rock wool sandwich panel also has an excellent attracting effect, it can absorb sound in a relatively wide frequency range.


Suitable for all kinds of clean room projects with harsh indoor environment requirements. 

Complete specifications, customized production, reasonable price.

If you have any requirement,feel free to contact us.                                                      

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