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Classification Of Purified Color Steel Sandwich Panel

The purified color steel sandwich panel is widely used in the roof, wall and ceiling and partition of clean room projects and steel structure workshop and simple movable room. Purified Color steel sandwich panel is now diversified and pervasive. The coating of color steel plate is cold-rolled steel plate and galvanized steel plate. After chemical treatment on the surface or composite organic film, it is made by baking and curing. Color steel plate is produced in rolls, also known as color coating roll. Color steel plate has the properties of high mechanical strength of steel materials, easy to form, as well as exquisite decoration and degradation resistance.

Classification Of Purified Color Steel Sandwich Panel

Purified Color steel sandwich panel is a new material widely used in the world. Purified Color steel sandwich panel has the advantages of light weight, high strength, heat preservation and insulation, earthquake resistance and wind resistance, etc. Purified color steel sandwich panel construction is an integrated high-level structure with decoration and installation. Color steel plate construction has the characteristics of light weight, splicing installation and cutting at will, which determines that the installation of color steel plate room is simple, can increase benefit, save construction period, and fireproof sandwich The surface material and thermal insulation material of clean room panel are non-combustible materials, which can completely meet the requirements of fire protection code for color steel board construction. Through a variety of research results, the construction life of color steel panel can reach more than 30-40 years. Here are seven aspects of clean room color steel panel.

Classification of purified color steel panel

1.Purified color steel sandwich panel are generally classified into: glass magnesium, gypsum, gypsum rock wool, rock wool, polystyrene foam, polyurethane, paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb. Paper honeycomb and aluminum honeycomb and polystyrene foam are not up to the fire code. The filler in the paper honeycomb is inflammable, and the heat transfer of the aluminum honeycomb filler is good, so the temperature on the other side of the board quickly exceeds 300 ℃, which does not meet the requirements of fire protection. Now the combustion limit should be within 1 hour. However, in some areas, polystyrene foam sandwich panel with flame retardants are used. Some people think that the fillers in the paper honeycomb board are fire-retardant treated paper, which can meet the requirements of fire protection. In fact, gypsum board is widely used in anti-static machine clean room.

2. According to panel material: brand of Bao steel, Huamei, etc., Huamei or 0.5 Bao steel with base plate thickness of 0.426. The zinc content of Baosteel's plate is relatively high and it is relatively corrosion-resistant. And the thickness has no negative tolerance. It is said that Bao steel has a good flatness, but it is not obvious in practice. Bao steel is more expensive than other brands. The process of galvanizing has a decisive influence on the quality of the substrate. The hot-dip galvanizing plate is better than the cold galvanizing (galvanizing). Generally, Bao steel uses hot-dip galvanizing, which makes it is more expensive.

3. According to workmanship: manual type and mechanism type. At present, the strength of most of the sandwich boards is almost the same as that of the machine-made boards. As long as there is no problem with glue, the machine-made boards are generally OK. But the rock wool boards absolutely need to use the hand-made boards, and the top board is better to add a layer of gypsum board or glass magnesium board when it is used for a walkable ceiling, because the machine-made rock wool boards have not enough strength.

4. Production place of precoated sandwich panel: cities like Suzhou, Foshan, Guangzhou, Changzhou etc.

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