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Factors Affecting Air In The Air Shower

The air shower is the necessary passage for people to enter the clean room. It can reduce the pollution problems caused by entering and leaving the clean room, and reduce the large amount of dust particles caused by the ingress and egress of people. Install a fully functional "air lock" from the entrance of the clean room. 

The chamber can reduce the amount of airborne particles. When the goods pass through the air shower, the contaminated particles are shot by the filtered high clean air. The high wind speed above 25m/s ensures effective spraying and drifting particles. The two-stage filter is basically filtered out. 

Factors Affecting Air In The Air Shower

In order to maintain the safe use of the air shower, maintain the cleanliness of the clean room environment:

  1. Enter the clean room, take off the coat in the outer locker room, and remove the watch, mobile phone, accessories and other items.

  2. Enter the inner locker room and wear clean clothes, hats, masks and gloves.

  3. After pulling the stainless steel air shower door into the air shower room, the air shower door will automatically close the outer door immediately, and the infrared sensor will automatically start and blow for 15 seconds.

  Factors affecting air in the air shower:

  1. The operators in the clean room should work in strict accordance with the operating rules of the clean room. The doors and windows of the clean room should be closed at any time. The personnel and articles between the clean room and the non-clean room should have a buffer zone, and there should be wind bath equipment to prevent the convection of the airflow. Enter the clean room.

  2. The number of air exchanges in the clean room and the air supply volume of the air conditioning purification system are the main internal factors for maintaining the positive pressure and cleanliness of the clean room, but it is limited by the ultimate resistance of the filters in the purification system.

  3. The equipment in the clean room requires regular, regular and fixed cleaning and maintenance. Whether the materials and cleaning liquid used in the cleaning meet the requirements of clean room management.

  4. For the user, the cleanliness of the clean room is the focus of their most concern. The clean room pollution source in operation is the person and the items entering the clean room. The dust particles generated in the production are also the other factors affecting the indoor cleanliness. One reason.

  5. Reasonable diversion of people flow and logistics has important significance for maintaining the cleanliness in the air shower room. Whether people dress and blow before entering the clean room, whether the dress meets the standards of clean management regulations, some people with special production requirements for cleanliness need to take bath before entering; whether the items are replaced before entering the clean room The package is blown, and the replaced materials meet the clean room standards and so on.

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