Stainless Steel Air Shower: Why So Popular ?

With the popularity of food safety, more and more food factories have chosen air showers as their workshops. The air showers have many functions that other purification equipment does not have, such as dust removal, sterilization and buffering. However, from the experience of the editor in the past few years, it is recommended that users and friends who want to have a good sterilization effect should choose to use stainless steel air shower room. After all, stainless steel air shower room has advantages that other materials of air shower room do not have. , One is easy to clean up, and the other is not easy to generate dust. The three overall are beautiful and elegant.

Modern food factories use stainless steel air shower cleaning technology to control the production environment and have achieved great results. Because the cleaning technology is safe and effective, it has become an irreplaceable process to control the entire food production process to eliminate microorganisms. This is because the proposal and development of the stainless steel air shower cleaning process fundamentally eliminates the conditions for bacterial growth, inhibits or reduces the occurrence of bacteria, cuts off all potential pollution transmission channels, effectively controls harmful biological aerosols, and solves Pollution of air pathways.

The concept of key control points in the stainless steel air shower room has improved the entire process control, introduced into the food production industry, and replaced the full control with partial purification control measures. Because the isolation process directly acts on the key control production environment, it will be the largest source of microbial pollution; The aseptic critical area is completely isolated, limiting the intervention or direct contact between aseptic production operators and aseptic products, greatly reducing the probability of production being affected by other factors, reducing the risk of aseptic processing contamination, and also due to manipulation The volume reduction greatly reduces energy consumption.

Although the price of stainless steel has been volatile and upward since the beginning of 2017, even in the low season of traditional demand, the price of stainless steel still appears to be very tough. After all, the price of stainless steel still has a certain impact on the cost of the stainless steel air shower.

Whether it is SUS201 stainless steel air shower room or SUS304 stainless steel air shower room, the material is stainless steel. The price of the air shower room will inevitably be affected by the price of stainless steel. As the price of stainless steel and other products rises, the rising cost of raw materials has led to many air shower manufacturers All have to adjust their product prices to adapt to the drastic changes in the market. Therefore, for consumers, they must treat the price increase of stainless steel air shower room rationally and objectively, and buy their own products at the right time as soon as possible.

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